January 2022 Equatorial Guinea, Israel, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Turkey, Uganda, UK

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Despite very poor internet, ALICIA was baptized in Equatorial Guinea, a result of the Spanish Bible Companion app and more fruit to the huge work of brother Ben with the work in Spanish. Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa, and again we note the Gospel going into all the world now, as a sign, surely, that the Lord will return soon.

We have many migrant workers in Israel attending our Saturday breaking of bread meetings. One has expressed desire for baptism. It's just great to see the lights go on and people 'grasping it' as they read daily from the Bible Companion app and correspond with us and attend the Zoom meetings. Here's someone in Israel coming to truth about Satan and Angels:
Let us know if you'd like to support the work in Israel or come on a trip there soon or at Easter, Lord willing.

The French app is just so popular in French speaking Africa, both in terms of numbers of downloads and amount of usage by those who have downloaded it. This week we baptized AKOUBILL, and he has already become a positive and appreciative member of our online French language group

There are great things happening amongst the French speaking refugees holed up in UNHCR tent refugee camps in Kenya. Some have been self baptized after studying the French Bible Companion app and they are now teaching others and running a Sunday School. Note the water cans and very poor situation. Brother Craig writes: "Last week we mentioned brother Fabrice had built a structure next to his dwelling to teach the children that are in his neighbourhood about the Gospel message. He now has ten students and they keep him occupied with questions such as : "why does God bring challenges into our lives?" To this end we are appealing to anyone who has lessons in Swahili for children of around 11 years of age. You can contact us at : labiblegratuite@gmail.com "
Below are a couple of photos that brother Fabrice shared with us.

We were able to baptize MOHAMMAD online, having heard the Gospel from another Iranian brother.

In Lira, northern Uganda, a pastor is preaching for 30 minute slots on a local radio station, sharing the doctrines he is learning on the app and also through the Real Devil book.
He writes:
"Finding your materials to me was God answering my prayers. I use this material a lot for at least 30 minutes every week preaching on a FM Radio Station in Lira City, Northern Uganda. Two things to present:
1) On page 160 of your lovely book, "The Real Devil," my favorite, the verse quoted there as Genesis 25 : 21 should have been Genesis 26 : 21.
2) Need for help: I have been trying to download the book, "The Real Christ," but have all along failed.
 With Great Respect, I say, thank you."
Again we note that the true Gospel is now going to earth's remotest areas.

We conducted another great McDonald's Bible class after the baptism of MEHDI in a hotel in Central London. Previously our group photos were of the new converts holding Farsi "Bible Basics" but they have devoured that and are now speaking much better English. So they have moved on to the English NEV Bibles, whilst still mainly using the app. We obviously need a central meeting point and that is in process. Certainly need your prayers for wisdom in it.
And we were so pleased about the baptism of GLEN, in Southern UK, who has been a contact for over a year, having come to us from the app. So many are using the app in the UK especially in London, and then making contact after an extended period of usage, like this person:
Then in Wales, it was great to see the amazing witness of brother Edd coming to fruition, and another standard British guy coming to the Truth and baptism. Edd shares the true Gospel with everybody he meets in the course of his work. He befriends them on Facebook and then they see all his posts about the Gospel. He has been working with NIGEL, another tradesman who lives literally around the corner from Edd in the terraced streets of the South Wales valleys. Edd explains in the video how he began wth Nigel, sharing his own weaknesses and spiritual journey, and then explaining the doctrines of the Gospel. Nigel quit the idea of heaven going at death and came to see the significance of the resurrection of the body, and then realized the importance of baptism. He followed Edd's posting of the studies from Bible Basics on his Facebook page, and Edd has just posted the final study on baptism. Nigel read this and then called Edd to say he wanted to be baptized. We had a late night video call where Nigel made a great confession of humble faith, and then the next day we gathered at Edd and Steph's for the baptism in their bath tub, where quite a few have now been baptized. The video is well worth watching not least for the sake of Edd's comments at the end, as to how standard secular people "need to hear a story", to relate to the person preaching, and then you can move into the doctrines, which standing alone from personal witness are not that attractive to someone who is initially not searching for anything. But once they see them attached to your personal story, they can relate. It was a wonderful time. Please share it with us by watching the video at

It's all so homely- Steph feeding the baby, people relating to people, kids and their toys, normal British folks. And let's pray that more of Edd's contacts come to baptism.
Here you can see Edd at his door, which is open to so many in the neighbourhood to chat and learn the Gospel; and our new brother Nigel walking around the corner [in the white sweater] to his place.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our dear ones in Ukraine as they live on a war footing and in great fear about the situation with Russia
   - For continued wisdom as we set up a meeting place for our contacts in London
   - For our witness in Israel

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks