Septeber 2023 Austria, Iran, Ukraine, UK, USA

This weekend we visited the growing group who meet in cafes and McDonald's in Vienna, Austria. We had a great time together baptizing SHARI, SARA and ASHKAN. We continue our support for them and also assisted with transport fares as some live well outside Vienna in other parts of Austria. We did the baptisms in a lake just north of Vienna, blessed with beautiful weather.

Delighted to report that an Iranian house church of 10 people were baptized, the work and witness of sis Roya. They are very very frightened as some are already under observation by the authorities. Do pray for them. Those baptized were HOMA, EHSA, SANI, NARJES, ALIREZA, ROZHAN, LEILA, ROHOLLAH, MUSTAFA and RAZIA.

We continue in contact with many brothers and sisters and contacts in Ukraine, providing assistance as we can from a distance. But let's not forget that ordinary people, including our brothers and sisters, are suffering on both sides of this war. We've reported previously the bombardment of the areas in Donetsk where some of our long existing brethren live. We received news and photographs of another attack which damaged the home of brother Yuri. This is now the third time that his windows have been smashed as a result of the bombardment. He sent us these photos of his windows smashed yet again- not a great sight to return to after a night in the bomb shelter. Do please continue in prayer for all traumatized by this terrible war. Our brother describes the situation in Russian occupied Donetsk as really very very bad on every front.

More baptisms this week in Croydon. ERNIE after church on Sunday, video at
Then SARAH, brother Andy's lady friend, on Tuesday. You can see her below far left in a typical scene at the coffee and snacks session before Lunchtime Church. God bless them both.
And no small miracle for brother Paul we baptized last week, an ex-army veteran with PTSD issues who was sleeping on the trains through the night, so frightened of living in hostels with drug addicts and alcoholics. After his baptism he got a call offering him accommodation at an army veteran's home in Bedford, he went up there, got the flat, and calls me to tell me all is going so blessed. An amazing movement of God for him.

Talks at Lunchtime Church this week:
Abraham the loner
Jesus is real, Acts 6

So pleased to report the self-baptism of DAVE just north of Albany in upstate New York. He had completed Bible Basics. As you can see from his testimony and the statement he read out in the lake, he is absolutely with us in spirit and doctrine. Anyone able to provide him in person fellowship in that area, please let us know.
Baptismal Statement
Having understood the Gospel, that Jesus preached the Good News of the Kingdom of God, then suffered death, was buried and rose again so that believers in Him may obtain everlasting Life in His Kingdom by repentance of their sins, and putting on newness of Life in Him, wishing to be an obedient servant and sincerely repenting of all my sins; I am now baptized (being a symbol of His death, burial and glorious resurrection) in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
I live in rural upstate New York and am a 57-year-old man. I have been reading scripture since I was a kid. I was baptized Roman Catholic as a baby but grew up non-practicing that 'religion'. I have always been interested in the Bible, and I have attended many, many churches (and denominations - even the Mormons for a short time and back to Roman Catholicism for a few years!) I was an on-again-off-again person and never had or found the peace of the Lord anywhere despite how hard "I tried."

I distinctly remember when I was about 9 or 10 (1975 or 76), I was watching The Old Time Gospel Hour with Jerry Falwell. I recited what they call "The Sinner's Prayer" for the first time. Nothing happened. I kept on bible reading and went to some youth groups and mainline churches with a high school friend in the early 1980's. Nothing really stuck and it was not until I was out of the army and married with two young daughters that I really turned toward God for help as the marriage (she was a Mormon - even tried that to save the marriage) was bad. I had a friend at work who was a "Pentecostal", and we spent a lot of time together, but he was looking for a church (he had a bad experience in his previous church, plus he wanted to be a pastor), and we looked together never finding one! As years past (it was the mid to late 1990's now), divorced and a single father with custody of my girls, I started to go to a Baptist Church. I was baptized and lasted there for a good while, but never did become an actual member. A few years later, I returned to the Catholic Church for 3 or 4 years. I even dragged my girls through all of that! After the controversy came out with the child sexual abuse by priests, I removed myself and family from going to that church. I basically gave up completely on organized religion, even questioning God's Word as I thought I knew better. I had gotten remarried in 2013, and managed to get my college degrees through the Master's level by 2021.
I started to watch The Chosen in early 2023. It impacted me in a big way. My interest was rekindled, and I started a deep dive into Christianity. We never know what God, in his good pleasure, will use to draw us to Himself! I was then drawn to Independent Fundamental Baptist ideals but could not bring myself to attend any churches. I searched the internet with fervor! Talk about confusion!! I recall through the years I had heard the term "Christadephian", but it was mostly in a negative light, and I never really looked into what the teachings were, but more on that in a moment.
That brings us to now. I had been earnestly praying to our Heavenly Father to show me the Way through the year. I was searching the Scriptures daily, praying, studying and being very persistent in these things for the first time in my life. I reasoned what is going on - all these denominations, all the confusion on the Internet - What is this nagging thing I keep feeling in my soul - "Christadelphian"- Ok then, let's take a look! That's when it happened - WOW, I started to see very quickly these folks professed to believe what I had learned in over forty years of Bible reading but found nowhere else!!!!!!
Praise Yahweh Our Loving God and Father, he never gave up on this poor wretched, prideful sinner! My life is completely changed, and I see everything in a new light. It's hard to explain, but now I just want to follow Him, being an obedient servant. I know He is faithful and will lead me in The Way! Time to be baptized in the Name of His Son Jesus the Messiah

   - For those recently baptized
   - For the new group in Vienna, Austria
   - For the underground house churches, we are involved with in Iran
   - For all those in Croydon with PTSD
   - For our brethren and their families so traumatized by military action on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks