July 2022 Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Ukraine, UK

We continue to get so much response to the Persian app from Afghanistan and from Afghans now living outside of Afghanistan, having fled the Taliban regime. This week we were able to baptize two young married couples, unrelated to each other and in different locations. First there were JUMA and SHAGOFA, Juma is a dentist who became an underground Christian in Afghanistan a few years ago but lacked teaching. He found the Bible Companion app and after working through it, was delighted to have the opportunity to be baptized online.
Then there were ALI and LATIFA. It was a long process for them to gather enough water , which we patiently watched online:

We baptized IBRAHIM late at night online, with his antagonistic, Islamic family asleep as he did the baptism in the bathroom with us online with him. Later this week, there was the baptism of ALI ; again, having used the Persian Bible Companion app for some time.

Whilst in Paris baptizing our Jewish friend, we were able to also perform the baptism online of ONYINYE in Nigeria. Two very different people from different backgrounds and parts of the globe, bound together in the great Hope of Israel.

Our meetings at the "Church in a pub" go from strength to strength. There's so much blessing on this group, and it keeps growing. It's exactly the approach which clearly is wanted by so many standard secular British folk who have that hole in their heart that only the Lord can fit. We were led by the hand of providence to stumble upon it "by chance" but clearly this is a group which are here to stay, by God's grace. Our search for more permanent accomodation is ongoing and urgent as we soon will have to start holding two services / Sunday in order to fit us all in where we are in the pub.
We have great discussions afterwards and folks typically stay. And they bring their friends. And folks arrive early, sometimes an hour before we get started. All an indicator that they really like this idea. Carol and Brenda treated us to some great games of pool afterwards, and Chanelle sung old school Christian hymns for us unaccompanied.
Newcomers are greeted with our free NEV Bibles and the Bible Companion app card- and the group are nearly all using the app in the week. All are on WhatsApp and we keep in touch that way during the week. Visitors are advertising the church on their own social media too- this is surely the way to go in developing a 21st century church

Male relatives of our sisters, and also some of our brothers remaining in Ukraine, are starting to be called up to the military. We are issuing certificates for those we baptized and thinking how best to appeal to local authorities for some alternative service, although there is no alternative service provision in Ukraine at this time. We really do appreciate your prayers for them all and for us as we seek to navigate this humanly impossible situation.

   - For our work planned in Israel this week
   - For our brethren facing call up in Russia and Ukraine
   - For those recently baptized, thanking God that this week we averaged one baptism / day, not that we are interested in statistics
   - For wisdom in pastoring further all the Iranians and Afghanis who are being baptized

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks