September 2020 Iran, Latvia, UK, Belgium, Canada, Australia

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Brother Donald has been sent the funds relating to the flooding problem, and has received them with great thanks.
Also there's a video from our recently self-baptized brother Daniel in Sierra Leone, about "From churchianity to true Christianity through the Bible app". He so wanted to present this at the recent Conference but his internet connection isn't up to online communication on Zoom.
It is a great testimony to the usefulness of the Bible Companion app.

We're delighted to report 11 baptisms in Iran from our Jewish brother there, 8 former Muslims and 3 Jews, baptized in a river by brother Elias:
Absolutely amazing that God's people even in Iran are being called out for the Name. And we thank God that all the efforts with the Bible Companion app are producing so much fruit. Used rightly, the technology has all been raised up for the true Gospel to spread very powerfully. And this is clearly happening. There's also plenty of other interest from Iranians... messages like this are common. And the "Bible Basics" section on the app [which we use to prepare for baptism] is being used somewhere by someone literally around the clock, with replies to the lessons flooding in:
We've re-started the feeding scheme and appreciate your prayers as Winter draws on, and we wrestle with how best to take this work forward given various limiting factors at this time. To prepare our folks for the Winter, we were able to distribute among them boxes of warm clothes, jackets and hats in preparation for the Winter. Significantly, all these clothes were donated by the people who live in the tower blocks around the hall. Our work is known and appreciated.
Do pray for them in the rather miserable life they have, especially with the economic collapse all around them. As you can see from the photos, it's especially the elderly who are in need of food and clothing. They are the worst hit by the current situation.
There's a video of the Winter clothing and food distribution this week at

We ask for your prayers as great efforts are underway this weekend by our brethren to baptize a number of Iranians. Hope to report more next message Lord willing.

We plan an online baptism in Belgium of a 25 year old sister-to-be near Antwerp, all set for 13:00 GMT, or 14:00 local time in Antwerp. We'll try to do it on Zoom. Please let us know by email ahead of time if you'd like to attend, so we can send you the Zoom invitation. Please also let us know your WhatsApp number in case we use that instead of Zoom. Your contributions of welcoming words and brief 1 or 2 minute encouraging messages will be welcome.

Brother George continues distributing our literature to homeless and vulnerable people in the Hamilton area. "Beautiful God created night to get his word out on the streets of Hamilton last night. Saw some familiar faces and some new ones to. As always great conversations around the table. Talked about reconnecting with God, the good news of the gospels and books left out of the bible. Looking forward to seeing Kim, Dave and every one next week at pier 4. Praying for Andrew, Robert and Emanuel."

Mark Lisa Hawkins are starting a Bible reading group in their home in Perth, Western Australia. Let's pray for them to attract interest.
By all means let us all reach out how and as we can.

   - For those newly baptized
   - For the efforts this weekend and next week to baptize people in UK and Belgium
   - For our feeding and caring work in Latvia
   - For the new Jewish and Iranian brethren in their extremely difficult situation in Iran

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks