October 2022 Afghanistan, France, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

This has been a week of incredible blessing for baptizing people in Afghanistan. No fewer than four family based groups were baptized online. Brother Arash from Birmingham UK has spent such a huge time online translating and assisting, we're so grateful for him.
So over several days this week, we baptized NORIA, AZIZULLAH, FARDIN, MARZIA and ATHINA; ZAHRA, JAMILA, ROQIA, ZAKERIA, MOHAMMAD H, SHAIMA, GHULAM, SHAH, NADIYA, ALI, SINA, MAHDI, ALI S, FROZAAN, OBAIDULLAH, MUSTAFA, ASILA, NILOOFAR- a total of 23 brothers and sisters. Some screen shots from our meetings below. Please do pray for them. This is all fruit of the amazing uptake of the Farsi Bible Companion app in Afghanistan, in the face of terrible threats and persecution from the Taliban.

This week we baptized online NASRULLAH, an older man with an intense desire to follow the Lord in spirit and truth, despite his difficult situation. Like many asylum seekers, he was refused asylum in the EU and so he can't reapply in the EU, and this means that he has no access to state support. He is currently in northern France desperately seeking a chance to cross the English Channel to the UK- despite the very stormy weather making it so risky.

 We had the wonderful online baptisms of ROYA and her teenager daughters HANIEH and JOVANA. Here are some of her messages in the lead up to her baptism:
"I am an Iranian woman and a convert. I want guidance for baptism... I had to leave my country because of changing my religion. My children and I love our God and also Jesus Christ. We have been tortured and abused physically and mentally because of the beautiful religion of Christianity. May we be accepted by our God. We need help... My brother and 2 daughters ran away from Islam, because false friends reported on us, now we have no help and we don't know anyone here and I don't know where to seek refuge, our hope is in God. "
She's in a very precarious situation, and has the Turkish Police on her as well. So many are in this kind of situation.

This week God willing, Mark and Duncan will be in Ukraine. Please pray for their work and preservation. They left after attending Croydon church in a pub, with the prayers of everyone. Here's brother Mark giving a brief talk to the usual group of local British folk who paid rapt attention to him:

Brother Jason Kominek is again active wearing the yellow Free Bibles vests and distributing literature in Ohio- he says he has been "At BGSU, using a model I made of the bronze serpent from Numbers 21 as a visual aid to make points about the gospel."And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."John 3:14-15""
God bless his efforts to reach people.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For Duncan and Mark's trip to Ukraine
   - For those in Ukraine in very complicated situations and who are now seeking the Lord
   - For those under persecution and huge humanitarian difficulties in Afghanistan
   - For those like brother Nasrullah who are now non entities in the EU and without state support
   - For the single sisters with children currently in Turkey and elsewhere seeking asylum in unfriendly environments

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks