November 2019 Latvia, Australia

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Helps for the Bible Companion readings this week:
1 Timothy

Our daily feeding scheme continues, and we had a visit from Bill Farrar from Canada on his way home after the Kiev Bible School. He gave some solid talks about reasons to trust the Biblical account of creation and to reject the atheistic Darwinism which folks were raised with here during the USSR period. We've had well above average attendance this season- people really are in need of the food and do definitely show interest in the message we preach from the Bible before soup is served. We also do see real spiritual growth in some of those baptized. Brother Aivars was baptized, changed his life, got a job- and now has twice paid for extra biscuits for the homeless, which they can eat after the soup we give them:
We're also pleased to say that our English language group is growing. We have had visitors from various parts of Africa, Asia and also we were delighted to baptize TATA, originally from Brazil. It was a long journey in life to end up living in Riga, Latvia, and soon expecting her first child. She's a true and sincere convert to Christ; do pray for her, her pregnancy and her family.
Here you can see Alex giving her some encouragement after her baptism; and you can see the video of the full baptism service at
Our sister first encountered us through our targeted Facebook advertising and this, along with Google Ads, seems a good way to go in engaging with interested folks in local areas.

Brother Daniel from New Zealand has been such a huge help, a true all rounder- cooking, cleaning the toilets, leading the English language breaking of bread, leading music, befriending visitors... and giving guitar lessons to Alex, a professional footballer from Nigeria who attends our meetings when he's not training or playing:
We're going to miss him when he returns to NZ in December... the Riga Bible Center is such a great opportunity for service. Do think about getting involved or supporting financially.

The Bible Companion app continues to get hundreds of downloads / day. Over 25,000 have downloaded it so far. Do share it with others using the "Share" tab, and return to the store to give it a good comment and rating. This improves our visibility. But of course the real witness is face to face; Robin Jones snapped this pic of sister Deb sharing the app face to face with a friend of brother Dave at a nightime music event in a park. Literally getting her phone out, showing the lady the app, and getting her to download it there and then:
Now that is real preaching.

   - For all those recently baptized
   - For the work in Riga, especially our English language group at this time
   - For all the thousands of people worldwide now using our app

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks