May 2023 Australia, Brazil, Israel, Latvia, Spain, UK

Mark Hawkins is continuing to hold Kellerberrin WA church in a pub whenever he and Lisa get up there to see sister Jocelyn. This Sunday they had 9 attend [not bad for such a tiny settlement] including three new people, and newly baptized brother Gola attended and helped run the meeting.

This week we were able to baptize seven members of an extended family in an online service. They have had an amazing journey, spiritually and geographically. From persecution in their native Afghanistan to Pakistan, and thence to Brazil. We marvel at the way the Lord works. So, we warmly welcome FRESHTA, MOHAMMAD, SEYED, MARYAM, ZAHRA, SUDIS and HADI into the household of true Faith and Hope in the Lord and His Kingdom. They are now very far from their homeland and with no real way to return there.

Followers of Carelink reports will recall that over the last few years, we have had fruitful contact with many migrant workers in Israel. They find themselves working long hours often in difficult circumstances, with Saturday their only free day. And they're often stationed on farms or workplaces quite remote from public transport- which in any case doesn't run on the Sabbath in Israel. So, they start thinking about life, about God, about the Lord Jesus- as they are after all in the land of the Bible. Most of those we baptized previously have now returned to their homelands and have taken the truth of the Lord Jesus with them there. But a new group of migrant workers in the Galilee have come into contact and we were delighted to baptize ALEXANDER and TINASHE at the baptismal site on the river Jordan at the south of the sea of Galilee. What fine young Christian men, really exceptionally sincere and devoted to the Lord Jesus. As Peter wrote, there are good works set up for us to do, prepared from the foundation of the world. They are eager to begin those works with other migrant workers where they are, and we look forward to more trips to Israel to help baptize their contacts. Let us know if you'd like to meet up there. And do pray for them, not much fun living and sleeping in a metal container with many other workers, little insulation means it's cold at nights and unbearably hot in the daytime, and we're heading into an intense Summer.

Sister Cindy was able to make a pastoral trip to Latvia to visit and help various brothers and sisters in their various needs, and to supply welfare. Great to see the picture of her with sister Irma... one of our early converts in the USSR, having seen the advert we miraculously were enabled to place in "Pravda" in 1989. "Pravda" ['Truth'] was the largest newspaper of the USSR and we had thousands of replies to it. That really was a 20th century miracle. And Irma was one of the fruits of it. And she is still strong in faith all these years later, at 86. We give thanks for the abiding blessing upon our labours in the Gospel.
Cindy reports:
"On my recent trip to Riga I was really glad to be able to meet up with Bro. Andris and Sis. Judite who are happily married and still strong in faith. It was lovely to be able to see them, read and pray with them and give Andris some assistance with his medical expenses. They are now living in a council provided one room apartment and happy to have a place together.
It was a real pleasure and privilege to visit sister Irma, having not seen her since the start of Covid due to restrictions, and then the threat of Covid sending her into voluntary self-isolation for a prolonged period. She remembers the many visitors she has had over the years with great fondness and would appreciate physical letters by post, as she's no longer able to use email. Her sight and hearing have deteriorated somewhat, which is a great frustration to her as she is no longer able to continue her passion for translating Biblical literature. We broke bread together and remembered all the lovely times we have had together. She is really looking forward to Jesus' return and having all her faculties restored".

Great news from Teneriffe... sister Marianne tells us of RAFAEL whom she's been preaching to and talking to, and today she baptized him.

We had another record attendance at the pub last Sunday. Cornerstone Christian Radio also asked to interview us so more publicity! Some left today as it was standing room only and totally packed, including them it would have been 50 people. Afterwards quite a few came back home for the baptism of RICHARD who first came to us from Lunchtime Church meetings and is a regular attender. Many thanks to sisters Tamica and Safina for prayers and assistance with the immersion. Here's our brother saying "Yes" to the question "Do you believe the things about the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ?":
And this Sunday we had a wonderful visit from brother Mike Floyd of the Port Elizabeth ecclesia, South Africa- bringing with him another 4 originally from South Africa. Mike and his son brother James gave their impressions of the great meeting and atmosphere at the pub church, at
 It really is a specially blessed place to be on Sunday afternoons... do come along if at all you have the chance. We are very open to other visitors who could give some words of exhortation, and also at our Lunchtime Church meetings.
We also had the baptisms of ALI and MAHDI in north London, at the home of brother Mansoor where we have done so many baptisms over the years. He has made such a faithful and effective witness to so many other Iranians for many years:

   - For those recently baptized, 13 this week alone
   - For those under persecution from their faith and very far from home with no way back
   - For wisdom about our Sunday meetings in South London which have now outgrown the Pub
   - For our work planned this week in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia
   - Thanksgiving for the Lord's wonderful blessing upon all sincere efforts to share the Gospel of His grace
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks