December 2020 Latvia, Iranians, Afghanistan, Australia

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Craig and Miriam write from France:
"It was with great joy that together with Duncan Cindy in Latvia, and Mark in Australia, we joined in the baptism of PARISA in Iran on Christmas Eve night. To witness Parisa's passion for Jesus was something words really cannot express ... very moving and extremely uplifting. Lots of genuine tears of devotion. She had been wanting to be baptised for a long time and was very emotional after her baptism, as were we. Duncan, Craig and Mark all said a prayer and then Parisa said a prayer in Persian which she translated for us. She showed us the cross she wears around her neck, which is usually hidden from view in public under her hijab. She told us that there were many in Iran that wore a cross under their hijabs; taking such risks speaks volumes for their commitment to the Lord. She was so deeply thankful for the app and the fact she could read the Bible in Farsi
You could sense her frustration and pain, living under such an oppressive regime, she said "We are just slaves", and because of this the Iranian people are very angry. This is truly heart breaking to witness first hand, but one thing is for sure, the Lord is calling a people for His Name from this repressed nation in the Middle East. Parisa is very enthusiastic to spread the Gospel message, so please pray for both her witness and her safety. Please also pray for the people of Iran, that many more have the courage to be baptised."


The Carelinks newsletter is now available in French. If you know of any French speakers who would like to receive a copy, please email with their details.

This week we also baptized other app users in Iran- AMIN, a dentist, a very smart guy who now really "gets it" about the Gospel, and likes using the app whilst he's at work. Some comfort whilst working in such a high risk job at this time of Covid, which is extremely widespread in Iran. And then also sister MAHBOBE.

The Covid situation here is really pretty awful, economically and in every way. Despite really a lot of obstacles, to put it mildly, we're still getting food, clothing and firewood out as far as we can, most days. So many are now living in temporary accommodation or squatting in disused buildings, in temperatures currently hovering around freezing:

We were able to baptize ESMAIL in Kabul, Afghanistan, online. We did our best to have a full service, with Cindy and the children singing "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" with Reza translating from Canada. Technology is really amazing when it works, and when it is used properly to connect us worldwide in service. Let's pray for our new brother in his difficult walk in that troubled land.
We have had thousands of downloads of the Farsi app from Afghanistan; Farsi [the language of Iran] is the same as Dari, one of the main languages of Afghanistan. Again we see how the Covid lockdown has been used by the Lord to take the Gospel to areas we would not otherwise reach very easily.
Present at the baptism of brother Esmail was a woman named ZARMINA, also in Afghanistan. It was a pleasure to later baptize her. It's hard enough living in Afghanistan, let alone being a woman in Afghanistan, let alone being a woman who has left Islam for Christianity.
Her situation is really not easy and will not be. Again Cindy and the children sung her a song which brought a big smile to her face . You can see from the messages below how lonely it is for believers in Islamic society in Afghanistan

Mim and Phil Worsnop have been displaying Bibles etc. at an Xmas show in Goodna QLD. Such things are totally impossible in Europe with the tough lockdown, so well done to those who are using the opportunities and 'redeeming the time'.

   - For those recently baptized
   - For those spending the night in very low temperatures, below zero
   - For the new believers in Afghanistan
   - For all receiving and reading our literature

With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks