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The French version of the Bible Companion app continues to be extremely popular in Francophone Africa. But it was over a year ago that WEND started corresponding with us. He lives in Sahara area of Burkina Faso, one of earth's poorest countries comprised largely of the Sahara Desert. Despite difficulties obtaining water we were able to witness his baptism on WhatsApp and continue to marvel at how the Gospel is spreading to the most obscure areas of the planet.

Despite our material being largely blocked by the regimes in Iran and Afghanistan, it is still accessible by the many Iranians and Afghanis who are now seeking refuge in other countries. There was a house church in Iran that was busted by the regime, all beginning with the 14-year-old daughter refusing to wear her hijab properly at school. The family fled and are now in Germany. True Christians, but they had lacked baptism and Bible teaching where they were. Their lives aren't at all easy. The 14-year-old has only 40% kidney function and they are living in a camp which has unhygienic toilets and showers which they have to share with many others. She keeps getting urinary and kidney infections and has been hospitalized. We have given material support as best we can in the situation, thanks to your generosity. We visited them and were pleased to baptize the young lady HASTI and her mother MOJGAN. Sisters Evia and Hasti hit it off as only 14-year-olds can and will stay in touch by message and social media, thanking God for Google Translate which so wonderfully enables us to overcome language barriers. But do pray for the family as they are in a miserable situation, their camp is in a very small settlement with not even a shop in it and 90 minutes to walk to the next village where there is a shop, and no bus service.

We continue working with some contacts in the Galilee who were connected to us by the brethren we baptized in the Galilee last year. We plan a brief visit to them this week to baptize them. If anyone happens to be in Israel this weekend and would like to be involved in the work this weekend, please let us know right away.

We wonder if there's anyone out there interested in running a podcast for us. Not a lot of work, just uploading mp3 files and making some visuals, let us know if you know anyone with a mind for it. We are currently producing 5 talks / week [3 x lunchtime church, 1 x Sunday pub church, 1 x Saturday Zoom breaking of bread] and they all go up on YouTube but possibly folks may benefit from getting the audio of those meetings as a podcast.

Pleased to tell you of the self-baptism of GABRIEL once he had grasped the Truth about the true nature of the Lord Jesus and quit trinitarianism.

We're pleased to say that we have sent major financial help to brother Mehmet and sister Necva who have lost everything in the earthquake in Antakya, as reported at
They have received the funds and are truly grateful:
"we love you so much, thank you so much ????we love you so much"

Since launching our major appeal for the feeding activities in South London last week, it happens that this week there seemed such great blessing on our work. Thanks to Shay, Victoria, Tamica, Cindy and others for helping with the catering this week:
Attendance at all meetings was really high and we had the baptism of ANNE, sister-in-law of our sister Karen and daughter in law of sister Linda, Karen's mum. At the Lunchtime Church meetings in central Croydon there's a group of them who sit together, now all having been baptized in the same bathtub at different times:
Anne is a great lover of the scriptures with a well-marked Bible, and she makes notes with special pens in her Bible:
So, it was a true joy to baptize her. Here's the group leaving The Venue for the baptism:
And then there was lively, loving and Biblical encouragement to our sister around another table before and after the baptism:
Here's sister Linda watching the baptism:
Afterwards there was a lovely moment around the table when they all shared how they feel they "belong" in our church and had never experienced this in previous churches they were associated with. You can hear it and see the video at
 It's only 3 minutes and is a testimony to how ordinary British south Londoners are turning to the Lord, forming a community, and having their lives transformed by Him. To His glory.

So again, we give thanks for the Lord's amazing work in South London and ask for your continued support in prayer and donation so that it continues.
We were delighted to drive out of London to baptize AARON, who after many years resisting the Lord's call decided to respond after finding us on YouTube. He is yet another standard British guy who turned to God and His Son in absolute sincerity and truth- a house painter who drove to meet us at the swimming pool in his work van. Such a lovely new brother in the Lord, so very sincere. There were a few others in the pool, so it was hard for Daniel to video the immersion, but he did his best. And many thanks to Julian & Jayne Shipley for again providing us with hospitality on this trip:

   - For those recently baptized
   - For our appeal for funds regarding the extensive work in south London UK
   - For sister Hasti and all with grave health issues which they are facing whilst in unstable circumstances
   - For our work in Israel this week
   - Simple thanksgiving for the Lord being so eager and willing to work with us all
With love from your brothers and sisters of Carelinks