News from Asia

news from china 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of XUFEI, WONG and RUTH. May God guide them to His Kingdom.

I went to meet the contact in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. Although Chifenge city is very Roman Catholic, our contact Xufei still insisted on studying the Bible without the aid of the church. On discovering the truth he eventually decided to be baptized. It is already winter,the temperature is as low as -15. I got stuck in Beijing and Chifeng city for nearly seven days due to the coming of Chinese New Year.The number of people traveling by train during this year's Spring Festival travel peak is expected to hit 155 million, and it was almost impossible to get the tickets.

Bro. Ai

news from nepal 

It is a matter of great joy that Brother Duncan is arriving here again, we have several to baptize from Eastern Nepal. Your continued enthusiasm for the Gospel inspires me to continue my witnessing.

Bro. Santosh

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