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Love heart of flowers planted by Cindy’s mums and kids group

Cindy’s mums and kids group again planted a love heart of flowers in the local park near the Bible Center. It was a witness to our outreach of love, grace and truth in this drab working class suburb of Riga which clearly has been so much on the Lord’s agenda over the years. Our sisters and friends had permission from the park authorities to prepare the ground and then plant it- which they did, despite rainy weather.

Cindy’s group of mums and kids has grown steadily over the years and we’ve reported baptisms from this outreach.

In August Cindy and the growing group of Latvian sisters and their children again made good use of the property in northern Latvia to hold a Bible camp for women and children (pictured above), although some of the mothers also brought their husbands this time. It was a great opportunity to spread the Gospel, to teach the children, and to strengthen those who have already been baptized.

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