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Bro Anatoly and Sis Olga with Bro Duncan praying before baptism

After a long and extremely arduous journey into the heart of rural Russia, it was with great joy that we were able to baptise Olga and Anatoly. Unlike many younger people these days, they had got properly married and fulfilled their dream of owning their own home- after saving from tiny salaries in the city, they bought a village house 5 kms walk from a main road and a shop, and virtually inaccessible apart from by walking and hitch hiking. No jobs there of course, only subsistence farming. They live very simply, getting water from their well and growing what they can, but they lack a source of meat or protein. Hearing the stories of their childhoods of abuse by others followed by self-abuse, one wonders whether there can ever really be healing for those with that background. But they are an example of victory, thanks to God’s operation in their lives.

Please pray for our new brother and sister as they face their first winter in rural Russia.

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