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We’re so thrilled to say that finally brother Maxim has now got full documents allowing him to remain outside of the Ukraine and is back at the Bible Centre in Latvia. Thank you for all your prayers.

We made a visit to Ukraine recently- the country is becoming a basket case as the economy is at a standstill and hostilities have resumed in Eastern Ukraine. Cost of transport has nearly doubled, but the tiny pensions many of our dear ones receive remain the same. We were pleased to baptize Aleksandr who came to us from receiving one of the free NEV Bibles we distribute. Our new brother turned to God in desperation. His mother told him that in the USSR years, when she earnt 120 Rubles / month, she had bought an illegal Bible for 700 rubles. Our brother went to church in his search for God... the Russian Orthodox church demanded he buy candles for each icon to the saints in the church, he bought a packet and lit one for each of the saints, and then at the end of the knave there was the icon to Jesus and he had no candles left for that. So he gave up on the Orthodox church and decided to find Christ directly for himself, without the icons, candles and Orthodox saints. The local Protestant church didn't want to know him unless he paid a tithe, and so he took to the internet in his search — he has no computer, only a very simple phone - and thus came to us. He travelled many hours each way for his baptism. Above you can see our brother with his NEV commentary Bible, and there’s a video of his baptism in absolutely freezing water on our Russian language channel, please see

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