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Over two years ago Carelinks produced a video about baptism. Part of it was shot in a park in Paris, France. Brother Edgar's grandmother, RAISA, was visiting and we interviewed her; she explained she was baptized as a baby in the Orthodox church, but as we chatted she expressed doubts about it and was open to the idea that perhaps indeed adult baptism is needed.

Over the last two years we have kept in contact and it was a great joy to visit and baptize her and her husband SERGEJ. So from a chat on a park bench in Paris, where she encountered, really for the first time, the idea that she had yet to really connect with Christ, the Lord led her to baptism.

We have put together a three minute video - comparing her words at her interview in the park two years ago with her position now, just moments before her adult baptism. Please see the YouTube link.

Raisa explained that their pension is only 40 euros a month whereas winter heating for their flat costs far more than that. Life is really very hard for many in Armenia. Whilst in Armenia, there was also the baptism of ARSEN and also ZHANNA, a lady with a wonderful knowledge of the Bible for whom the Scriptures are truly her study all the day. She lives with her husband in a tiny room of just a few square metres which literally has enough room for a bed, a small table and a chair. The kitchen and toilet is shared with others.

Raisa and Sergej with Duncan following their baptisms

Raisa chatting with Duncan in Paris over two years ago

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