view as web pdf God’s Greatness and Your Problem (Psalm 104:1)

There is always the danger that you unconsciously reduce God to the limits of your own thinking, because you are convinced that it cannot be done and you link God in your mind with that which you consider to be impossible.

When you have been as logical as possible, and when your reason has reached its limits and you are convinced that you have studied every facet of a particular problem, you must remember that beyond your thought and power lies the greatness of God.

All knowledge is partial, but when you link your thought power with meditative qualities you learn to draw upon the infinite resources of the omniscient God. You cannot say you have done all in your power to solve your problem until you have thought about it in the presence of God. When you do this, God’s Spirit inspires your ideas and enables you to penetrate even further into the problem and gives deeper understanding from angles you have not thought of considering. It is wise to place your problem under the security of God for He understands it in its completeness.

Because your Father knows all about your problem and you have implicit faith in Him, He will guide you in the way you should go. Do not lack confidence in His leading, but go forward knowing that He understands your problem and with your co-operation He will bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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