Fieldworker Reports From Eastern Europe

Greetings from Latvia!

My name is Brother Scott visiting Europe from America for the next few weeks. I arrived in Latvia on Jan. 16 in preparation for the Winter Bible School in the Ukraine the last week of January. Prior to leaving for the Ukraine, I have had the honor and privilege to observe the goings on here in Latvia regarding Carelinks Ministries. I am humbled to see the selfless and giving sacrifice of Duncan and Cindy Heaster to these people.

Our first order of business was to visit a lady named Metra in a nearby village about two hours along icy lanes from Riga. Cindy had been corresponding with her by mail for quite some time, doing the Bible lessons from Bible Basics. She had expressed an interest in water baptism. She expressed her utter joy in knowing who Jesus really is and how we can identify with him in baptism. With utter glee and excitement the woman practically jumped in to the tub. She had waited so long to be baptized and is now assured in her heart convictions for the coming Kingdom and the soon return of Jesus. We broke bread and remembered the Lord’s sacrifice.

Being alone in her beliefs and somewhat isolated she was so grateful that we came all the way out there to just to see her. She placed what little food she had in front of us and explained her medical situation. It seems that with the limited care available in her small town she required a more professional and through examination of her medical condition. Cindy arranged a date and time to for Metra to come to Riga and see a specialist. Metra is very poor and cannot afford the doctor visits on her own. Her medical bill will be picked up by the Carelinks Ministry. In America we have it so good. I have seen with my own eyes the amazing love pouring out here in Latvia. Please be in prayer for Metra and consider supporting this ministry for people like Metra. In the photo you can see Cindy discussing Sis Metra's medical diagnosis with her


Mark 13:10 And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations. NKJV On Jan. 19th and 20th Duncan and I flew to Poland to baptize a brother living in a town about 100k from Gdansk, Poland. Upon arrival at the Gdansk airport we were met by Brother Krzysztof whom Duncan & Cindy baptized in 2004. Brother Krzysztof spent 10 hours on a train travelling to Gdansk. Not only to see us, but to meet this fellow named Marcin whom we were going to baptize. Krzysztof is a great preacher of the Truth. He spends his time witnessing and handing out Bible Basics and Logos magazines from Australia to all he meets. Being a former Jehovah’s Witness he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ in fearless devotion to the cause of Christ. We drove to meet Marcin and at around 10 pm in front of a hotel we introduced ourselves. Marcin had been studying “Bible Basics” and came to the knowledge of truth. He had been in eager expectation for baptism. Being a Jew in a very strong Catholic town it is very hard for him to find good work or even anyone to fellowship with. Brother Krzysztof and Marcin hit it off as best friends and fellow countrymen sharing their same belief in sound Biblical doctrine. Marcin’s baptism was a long six years waiting. His enthusiasm to be baptized bubbled over in joy and faith. He truly was sincere and willing to express his gratitude that we came all the way over to see him and to encourage him in his faith. In fact it was his faith that encouraged us. When morning came we arose and broke bread. Please be in prayer for Bro. Marcin and Bro. Krzysztof. These brethren in Poland are in isolation. The dominant Catholic influence continually shuns them as heretics.

Upon leaving there, Duncan and I drove to another small town. Duncan had been in communication with Jerzy by letter for some time. We found his apartment but he wasn’t at home, so we left a note for him and drove off to the airport. He then called us on the cell phone and urged us to come meet him, so we wheeled around and did. We found him to be a very sincere elderly man who wants to do what is right before God. He and a friend of his have left the Catholic church and are carefully studying our doctrines from Bible Basics. They wish to be baptized but later. In any case we had little time, so we raced back to the airport after a very intense meeting with them. We are in hopes that these folks in Poland will eventually form a small Ecclesia.

It is amazing to me the power of the Gospel. People all over the world are coming to a decision in Christ. Decisions for baptisms and the need for doctrinal studies are great. There is so much work that needs to be done over here it cannot be overstated. I encourage you; rather beseech you in the name of Jesus. Please consider coming over here and helping in anyway you can. Whether it be physically or financially. God is raising up a light in the darkness, He is setting captives free. What wonderful things that are happening in Eastern Europe.

Scott Ketelsen

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