Gospel News · September - December 2015

Understanding the Bible
| Bro Charles French (Australia)
he Bible is the infallible word of God. It is
also the most misunderstood book on
earth. In the Dark Ages, the Bible was chained
to pulpits. It was not available to the ordinary
man and only a handful of the priests could
read. Therefore, the church could and did
dictate its meaning. The Bible was a mystery
to mankind. Sadly, it still is today.
But the Bible doesn't have to remain a
mystery, because it can be understood.
The Apostle Peter tells us, in II Peter 1:20,21,
that special men were guided by God to write
the Bible and that individual interpretations
are prohibited. God wrote it, and only God
can interpret it. In other words, the Bible
interprets itself. God has set forth certain
principles in the Scriptures to be used
to discern the truth. They are the keys to
understanding the Bible. One of these many
keys shows which verses are to be taken
spiritually as opposed to literally, while
another key will show us how to recognize
~ continued ...
A Joyous Responsibility (1 Peter 2:9)
| Bro David Banda Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
t is both humbling and awe-inspiring to think
that God has chosen you to be His child.
When you consider the fact that the Almighty
has singled you out to serve Him in this world,
it is almost too difficult to comprehend.
Nevertheless, it is true that you are called by
the Lord to be His.
Slave Away (Mark 10:44)
| Bro David Banda Yelulani
(Banket, Zimbabwe)
ost people want to be first. To be first
is a sign of success. It is a place of
power and prominence. To be first is to be
noticed, to get the prize, and popular
acclaim. In the modern world it often leads
to wealth as well. Only the weak and timid
refuse the opportunity to be first.
The two disciples of Jesus who asked him
to give them the best places: they wanted
to be first. They did not understand the
way of Jesus nor had they accepted the
values he both taught and lived for. In the
kingdom of God, earthly status means
nothing. For Jesus, the way to glory was
not the way of wealth or success. You do
not get to the top even by becoming the
servant of all. You have to be the slave of
all. A servant was a willing helper rendering
personal service. A slave was owned by
his/her master, and was bound by the
master’s will or command. Jesus took the
role of slave when he washed the disciples’
feet. He did not just tell others to become
slaves: he slaved away himself.
He wants you to serve others as well. He
prizes those who serve the most, who put
the needs of others before their own. He
wants people who will give themselves self-
lessly and tirelessly to love others. People
who do that usually forget about becoming
first, second or anything else. Do you still
want to be first?
While experiencing the joy associated with
such exalted state of feeling, it is of vital
importance that you do not lose sight of the
responsibility which you now assume.
You are an ambassador for Christ and, as such,
people will judge the Christian faith by the
manner in which you live your life. Any action
on your part that is contrary to the teaching
of Jesus will have an adverse effect upon His
name - the name which He graciously allows
you to hear. Just as God has called you out of
darkness into light, so has He given to you the
light of the world, the living Christ, to lead
you through life. Follow Him in order to shed
that light upon the path of others that they,
too, may be led to the Lord.