Gospel News · September - December 2015

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There were a number of baptisms during the month Cindy & Duncan spent
with the growing group in Melun. Here’s a report on just two of them:
e’re pleased to report the baptisms of
Sam and Raphael. Brothers David and
Steve from the UK report as follows:
“As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good
news from a far country (Prov 25:25) was our
brief visit to Melun, just twenty miles SSE of
Paris, for two days, 3-5th June. Steve Gretton
and I were visiting the
temporary home of
Duncan and Cindy. It was
hugely pleasant to
witness the baptism in
the Seine of Raphael
from Nigeria, pictured
above. Like all people
baptised by Duncan, he
fully knew the Scrip-
tures and understood
the grace of God. Large,
very large in stature, he
gave a good confession, eager to embrace our
Lord. The angels surely rejoiced in heaven as
this new child emerged from the muddy water
with a radiant smile. Three African brethren
were present; Kingsley, Samson and another
Steve (besides our Steve), Duncan and myself.
Steve, the African one, was typically able only
to find temporary work on less than minimum
wage and with erratic hours, he was working
at MacDonalds.
Also present, back at the apartment for lunch
were Rita, with her little boy, and Eva. All
praise to Cindy’s culinary efforts. Using a
little of the 40kg of rice we had taken from
England, she produced a
fine African spiced rice
dish, an excellent flan
and much else.
Earlier in the day we had
visited sister Fatmata
at her refuge with the
Red Cross. We were only
allowed to talk with this
young sister outside.
Helpfully, the weather
was warm and sunny. She
was from Sierra Leone. In her mid-twenties,
she had lost her parents in warfare and a
brother to Ebola. Now she is in France without
ID, nor is she likely to obtain any. She
accepted a little clothing from the contribu-
tion we had taken over, her eyes lighting up
at the sight of a purple sweater - her