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We live in the days that immediately precede the return of Jesus back to this earth. Many people are edgy and anxious about the future, and troubles abound. Talk to the people around you. You will find that no matter what the media has to say, they can’t believe that the Banks would fail. They aren’t sure that they will have a job tomorrow, they may even be afraid to walk down the streets of their city for fear of being mugged.

For in our world today, men of great prestige and political power have fears. They must appear to be courageous and decisive no matter the type of crisis they face. We can’t go away and escape the trouble, living in a world that is not as it should be. However bad political, economic, or moral conditions are with us, but we who trust in God have a peace that the world cannot understand, in which God will not fail us in these troubled times – to show that God is not dead but living. Such times have been prophesied in the gospel of Luke 21:26, “that men’s hearts will fail them for fear, as they look at those things which are coming on the earth.” As in Nigeria every year we hear of disease problems, as of last month “monkey pus virus” disease has killed many people in some States. We are praying to God that we may not be affected, as we are remembering Him in our prayers to save us from this.

Bro Blessing Nwigwe (Mbaise, Nigeria)

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