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Joseph sold in to slavery

The lesson of Joseph’s life is unmistakable - God works when His hand is not apparent, and often when it would seem as if He must be taking no notice, and by means that seem to exclude the possibility of His being at work.

The conclusion is comforting to those who commit their way to God. It may seem to them that God is not only working with them, but actually working against them. Let them remember the agony of Joseph in the pit, in slavery, in false imprisonment, and learn that the darkest paths in their life may be the ways appointed for them to reach liberty and life, wealth and honour - yea, a throne in the kingdom of God. Jesus himself had to tread the dark and tearful valley of humiliation, and who in the day of his glory, will introduce all his brethren, amongst many bright stars, to the most interesting of Jacob’s sons.

Bro Robert Roberts - “The Ways of Providence”

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