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KISUMU | Bro Richard Oduma

We are doing well spiritually in Kisumu despite the restriction of law through our Kenyan government that we cannot access things happening in our own country via the media.

Let me take this wonderful opportunity on behalf of the entire Kisumu Ecclesia to say thank you to the Trust for their support of our project of caring for the street kids, a wonderful success in early 2015. We fully appreciate this help and may our Heavenly Father bless all those concerned. Gradually, our work is really changing the character of these kids and we have managed to baptize some others too. We are looking forward to baptizing others soon if our Master still remains away.

KITALI | Bro Martin Chemiati

We are very pleased to have received more Swahili Bibles which are so important to our members, especially to our Youth and the Sisters class. We need more for our Ecclesia and the new Ecclesia recently established in Bavato, the teachings from the NEV Bibles has widened the eyes of many people and changed their lives. Some for several years have gone on without really knowing the Truth, but now do though the NEV Bibles.

Bro Martin Chemiati Sis Judith and Bro Emmanuel Milimo

LURAMBI | Bro Martin Chemiati

I am sure that when our Lord returns we shall meet together. We are happy that you sent us the New Testament Bibles and I have sent you a picture of part of Lurambi Ecclesia which I would like to be printed. Please, kindly send me 12 more Bibles.

The Ecclesia has asked me to request also that you send us more Bibles, especially the whole Bible, which will make us very happy.

Lurambi Ecclesia being given Kiswahili Bibles Front left, Bro Martin Chemiati and back left, Bro Chrispas Muranga with part of the Lurambi Ecclesia

RAPOGI | Bro Mike GO Juma

I am fine and my family. I have not regretted the service that I render to the Lord. I am always ready to confess and repent of my sins. May you forgive me for staying silent for quite a long time. I had some unavoidable commitments that could not allow me to communicate.

SHIMO LA TEWA | Bro Anthony Kafula

We send much greetings from our Ecclesia. We are all fine in the Name of Our Master, who is helping us day and night.

I would like to apologize for delaying replying but all in all God is good who guides us from last year unto this year 2015, the year we expect His Son to return to this earth and establish God’s Kingdom.

For our church we are very happy to hear that you are going to assist us with the Kiswahili New Testament Bible. May God bless you and open your doors and treasury. I have received 25 requests - from brothers and sisters (13), friends who are about to be baptized this year, God willing, (5), youths (4), Sunday School scholars, (3). These will assist them to read and understand the Scriptures. Thank you for feeding us with spiritual food through sending us Bible Basics , Middle East pamphlets and Gospel News.

Pictured top: Group of Shimo la Tewa Youths

Pictured above: Sis Madeleine Wamalwa being sponsored to an academy by Agape

TONGAREN | Taken during visit of AGAPE IN ACTION sponsors

The visitors came from Canada and America and have sponsored more than 40 children in Tongaren. For this action we will always praise God. Those in school uniforms are sponsored candidates now learning in high school. On their knees are Bro Isaac Kapa and Nancy, his sister-wife. In our ecclesia we have started an academy of pre-primary school known as “A.A. ACADEMY”.

SONGHOR | Bro Alex Abuya

We acknowledge with grateful thanks the Kiswahili versions we have received and may the Almighty God bless you in this wonderful work as we continue to wait for the return of Our Lord Jesus.

TURBO | Bro Emmanuel Milimo

I am so sad to inform you that Beatrice my wife, who is a sister, fell asleep 4th December 2014 due to the breast cancer. I am hoping that we are going to meet on the day of resurrection soon.

I am very thankful for the New Testaments. These will be very helpful to our youth and others who cannot understand English. We are praying that God will give you long life so that you can complete the whole Bible soon. Brothers and sisters are very happy even though I would like you to send me greetings monthly.

I would also like you to pray for me so that God can help me with young ones that our Sister Beatrice has left me with.

Sis Beatrice and Bro Emmanuel Milimo

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BALAKA | Bro Harry Benito

Firstly, I would like to inform you that we Malawians are happy and we are blessed because God himself has given what we wanted through CAT, so because of that we are happy and blessed too. Everything you send us is not only from your mind but that mind comes from God who gives you what you need to help us.

Secondly, I want to thank you for responding to what we asked for. I think that everything done through God; if it is His Will, nobody can say no. Thank you for the six New Testaments you sent which have made more people happy as they can be used for preaching to students. More people love us for our work done in preaching to them.

BOLERO | Bro Luke Chawinga

Many thanks for your continued contact with our Bolero Ecclesia. We have run short of books and other Bible literature. An ecclesia without books is like a body without soul.

This year we have not had enough rain. We thank our brethren and sisters of Mzuzu Ecclesia for inviting us to their Fraternal. Bro Nyomiro of Nkhamanga Ecclesia is very sick.

DOWA | Bro M J Wandawanda

First I wish to apologise for my delay in informing you of my loss of PO Box 47 which I used before. Today I am at Box 254. I fear that I have lost some scriptural letters.

I have a word to say. It is that Malawian readers of ‘Gospel News’ send their articles to this magazine, but I would be grateful if their Post Office Box numbers could be shown in their articles because I wonder if I could communicate in writing with them.

MZUZU| Bro Sylvester Tembo

Many thanks for your two letters plus a parcel of Bibles. I always appreciate the care and support that you give me. It is nice to hear that Duncan might join you in the U.K. to assist with the Truth’s work, knowing that you yourself are of age nowadays.

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| Bro Herold Lafrance

Greeting in the name of Jesus. Many thanks for the parcel of french Bibles which I received safety and your contribution will be a great plus for the preaching of God words. Above is a photo of myself distributing these french Bibles in the Victoria Hospital in Quatre Bornes together with my wife sister Lalita. Hope God will open these patients their eyes to accept Jesus as their savior. Please publish this good news in the Gospel News magazine.

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WARRI | Bro Irese Okojo

I wish to express my profound gratitude to you all regarding the concern you showed toward me at the time of grief and need, when I contracted the dread disease called cancer, now a world killer. It is difficult to survive but my own case has been exceptional.

Researchers have not discovered the cure despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. One can hardly survive, but I am saying this from my experience. To God be the glory here, as I am counted among the few that survive this deadly disease.

How does it happen? The miracle happened through you, the beloved. How? Through your continuous prayer, the prayer of the saints that avails much. These have taken me a long

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MBOZI-MBEYA | Bro Raphael Mkeya

I am sorry to inform you that last year I did not have enough stocks of food and we went out of stock in mid-November. Since then I have been living by piecework so that my family can survive. I am still in hardship because sometimes I go and look for work and come back empty-handed. Thank you for the Gospel News which I am really enjoying. Please send me a Swahili New Testament and Bible Basics and other books you think will strengthen us spiritually. We always remember you in our prayers.

way in my treatment. And what about the ceaseless phone calls, that make those around me say that they have not found a love for a member like this in Christendom? Also the visiting by members enhances the miracle of being alive today, when all hope has been given up, then Christ intervened.

I sincerely thank you all for this enormous support I have received from you. It is my desire that the God of Israel whom we serve day and night remember you in all your endeavours. I am indeed grateful and I appreciate you all. Beloved, I write this to declare the goodness of God in my life and that I am sound in health, and my soul also prospers. So help me to say, thank you Father. Thank you and God bless you.

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CHINSALI | Bro Edward Choko

The most important thing for us is to look to the Word of God for guidance because we do not complain, or beg from anyone. In 1 John 2:15-17 we are told not to be friends of the world and follow its lusts, or we will be enemies of God and cannot please Him. The world (people) passes away with its lusts. “But in all things, approving ourselves as the ministers of God in much patience, in afflictions, necessities, in distress, giving no offence in anything that the ministry be not blamed” (2 Corinthians 6:3-4).

KABOMPO | Bro Reuben Musole Kaambeu

I am thanking our Heavenly Father that we are the betrothed to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are preparing ourselves in this life for the great day of marriage at his return from heaven.

I realise that the Lord directed my feet to leave urban life in Kabompo town to come and dwell here at Malolwa on my farm. Furthermore, despite the harsh weather (not enough rains in the country) our maize crop has done well and there is hope that our household food security is certain when we harvest the corn, and children are all at school. This indeed has been possible not because of ‘luck’ or my effort but because of God’s providence for us.

KABWE | Bro Greenwell Kunda

This is to inform you that I received the Bibles in Swahili language and shared with our brethren and I also received the Gospel News. Please continue sending me whatever you have.

LIVINGSTONE | Bro Caphes Sikanyika

I am strong and firm in our Lord and feel the brotherhood love that binds us all in the Lord. I highly appreciate your favour in sending us Gospel News, updating us with what is happening in society and the e world at large, which is a blessing, so that we may walk in the right direction and prepare ourselves more for Christ’s return.

Bro Caphes Sikanyika

God, in earlier times, provided Israel with kings who were to deliver a good service to the nation but they failed to give the people clear direction and purpose. Many became too concerned about their own position which is what is happening in many countries today. Leaders are engaged in corrupt activities and are busy stealing public funds, building the best homes as part of their investment and of their resources and do not consider the poor people. The world now seems to be motivated by personal gain. I urge all brethren and sisters that whatever difficulties we may face in this journey to the Kingdom of God, to hold on to that great and precious hope before us and pray for God’s Kingdom to come that our sorrows may be over. Let us think of the court of the Gentiles. John 2:13-16. The encroachment upon the Gentile court by the priest salesmen of sacrificial animals and birds, is an indication of their degeneracy and also a symbol of how the whole religious service was debased, instead of a house of prayer it had become a den of thieves. The object of the Jews’ desire was not righteousness before God but wickedness. The Jews are a type of our natural sinful life from Adam. Should we follow the bondage of the Law? The choice is ours, brothers and sisters, to choose that which leads to destruction or the faith in the service of Almighty God and have the promise of God, everlasting life, the Way of God or the way of man. No one makes us to sin, we do so because we want to, and we find sin pleasurable. The way is prepared for us. Jesus is God’s manifestation in the flesh, justified in the spirit and is the only Name given among men whereby we can be saved and inherit the coming Kingdom.

For some years now Livingstone Ecclesia have not had a permanent meeting hall of our own and now God has blessed us, through C.B.M. funding. Work is in progress for a permanent site for Livingstone Ecclesia.

Making bricks with which to build a permanent meeting hall

MAZABUKA | Bro Gideon Hankomone

I have been very busy lately working in the vineyard. Recently Bro Kelly and I have been on mission work to the south of Zambia. We visited Muzoka, Kalomo and Livingstone Ecclesias. Our aim was to hold Bible talks and strengthen ecclesias in Kalomo. We had one baptism by Bro Kelly, Sister Florence Mungaila at Dapharn Ecclesia. In Kalomo there is interest for the word of life and I was impressed by what our brothers are doing there. Bre Occray Icaneembe and Joseph Lumyna have been preaching on radio about our faith. While we were there Bro Kelly gave lessons 1-8 and to our surprise the student answered all the questions the same day.

In Mazabuka we had another baptism, my contact Samuel Samutumwa by Bro Kelly Simayumbula in Kafue. Samuel gave a wonderful confession of his belief and faith and we were pleased to give him the right hand of fellowship and welcoming him into the brotherhood. May God bless his walk to the Kingdom.

God willing, there will be a similar visit to the south with our linkmen, David Nicholls and Simon Sheppard. Bro Kelly suggested that we hold a fraternal gathering for five days, God Willing, in Kalomo which will involve all ecclesias in the south.

I was reading the book of Revelation (22:20). This talks about the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, “He which testifies these things says, Surely, I come quickly, Amen, Even so come Lord Jesus.” We are reminded of the words of Jesus as he looked over Jerusalem with great sadness because His people were unresponsive to the words of the prophets and to him as he taught them from the Scriptures. Matt.23:37, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem! The city who kills the prophets and stones all those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, yet you were not willing!” As we talk to people about the Word of God and His message of hope, we are trying, as Jesus did, to gather together those who would listen, to give them the words of salvation. We echo those words from Revelation ch.22, “Even so, Come Lord Jesus” is our earnest prayer.

NDOLA | Bro Dennis C Kombe

Ndola ecclesia is continuing to grow spiritually, and actively participating in spreading the good news to all members of the surrounding community. This inspiration comes from the “The Gospel News” magazine whose spiritually edifying contents from across the various enlightened brethren and sisters are motivating factors. Please, if possible, send me at least six copies of “Teach Me Thy Way” booklets for use as teaching aids to my students, and any material you may deem necessary in this regard.

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BANKET | Bro David Banda Yelulani

As the year rolls on there will be new disasters, new catastrophes and new messes. There will also be new depths of God’s goodness to sound, new insight into his Truth and new experiences of his mercy. God does not stand still. He moves ever onwards. He called his people to be pilgrim people, to move forward with him, however uncertain or hazardous the future might be. Abraham setting off to find a new country and start a new life is a symbol of this pilgrimage to which God beckons us. If God does not stand still, he won’t let you do so either. So get moving! At this juncture let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for the laborious services you are rendering to so many brothers and sisters in many countries. May our Heavenly Father bless the work to continue until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Enclosed is my photo under meditation. Thank you very much for the parcel of books which arrived safely.

Bro Norman B Yelulani

We thank you so much for your great love in remembering us every time. I and my brothers were so delighted seeing Dad coming with a parcel of books from the post office which you have sent him. Dad taught us to value the books, particularly those which teach the Truth. We are enthusiastic readers at our home, both parents and children. We hope and trust that we are going to learn more from these books and become mature in the Truth. We must read the Scriptures thoughtfully every day, thanking God for them and asking Him to help us to understand them better (Acts 17:11, 20:32).

KWEKWE | Sis Rosemary Mukarati

The news of Christ’s resurrection was so different from what the disciples had anticipated that they could not believe it. It was too good to be true, they thought. They scarcely knew what resurrection from the dead actually meant. “Go your way” the angels had said to them,“Tell his disciples that he goes before you into Galilee. There, ye shall see him, as he said unto you.”These angels had been with Christ as guardian angels throughout his life on earth. Such words could have come only from the messengers of their risen Lord. “Tell his disciples and Peter” the angels said. When Mary Magdalene told them she had seen the Lord, she repeated the call to the meeting in Galilee.

After he had ascended to the Father, Jesus appeared to the other women saying, “All hail.” And they came and held him by the feet and worshipped him. Then Jesus said to them, “Be not afraid. Go, tell my brethren that they must go into Galilee. There shall they see me.” He gave them proof that he was their living Saviour, that he had broken the fetters of the tomb and could no longer be held by the enemy.

MAGUNJE | Bro Joseph Ndoromazos

I am a member of Chishumba Ecclesia. It is about 7kms from my home so every Sunday I walk 7kms to meet other believers. So far we are planning to build our own place. We have made bricks to make our new church. I am a Shona Bible teacher with my friend Thomsen Changator but it is hard to turn people to God, but not so hard because we teach them in Shona because most of us use Shona so it is easy for them to listen to God’s news in Shona. The big problem is the shortage of books to share. We have English Basics so the best help to them is Shona Bible Basics which will be easy for them to read by themselves at the church because most of us read Shona as some don’t understand English.

My short story to others is that the Bible is not a story book, the Bible is God’s news and if you read it by the Bible Reading Tables you learn more and more. Don’t dump God’s news because the time is going.

Bro Joseph Ndoromazos

MBIRE | Bro Fanuel Mawodzeka

I am afraid, brethren and sisters, from what I witnessed recently in our district during the rainy period. It rained non-stop for ten days, non-stop, resulting in fearful floods.

We live in the lower part of the country, which means that all the rain that rained at the upper part flooded down our district area and that turned into great floods that swept away and washed away many of the fields, roads and buildings. Some plants were half grown and others were on the ground and all were washed away in other areas. The floods claimed the lives of people and animals, buildings were destroyed, bridges were washed away, there was great desecration in the fields and people were left stranded just wandering around wondering if the event was true or if they were dreaming. Yes, it happened unexpectedly, we were fortunate to be alive, unlike Noah’s time when God did not spare any wicked living soul. In our case it shows that God still loves us and is giving us a warning that the same will happen at the return of His Son, the Lord Jesus. Many people today are denying the truth of the gospel that there will be judgement and if found guilty go to an eternal grave. It will be sorrowful to find some of us judged to go to Gehenna (final destruction of the wicked) yet we have served God for so many years in our lifetime and then found unfit at the last and final minute. Let us not be like the people in Noah’s days, for the gospel was preached to them and they refused to accept it. But let us remember 1 Peter 2:11 “The Word of the Lord remains for ever.” “ And this Word is the good news that was preached to you” - to us too. Let us not deny the Word by our works. Therefore in the letter, 1 Peter 2:11 says, “Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of flesh, which war against your soul”. Let us not give in to worldly things, for they perish with their time.

Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” What happened to the people in Noah’s days may happen to our days. Watch out and not to be unprepared.

Bro Fanuel Mawodzeka and Sunday School

MUSHUMBI POOLS | Bro Fanuel Mawodzeka

Mushumbi Pools Ecclesia and Sunday School are thanking the Christadelphian Advancement Trust for the copies of the booklets, “Teach Me Thy Way” . As we are writing the copies are in demand so much that we are requesting for some more, as many as are available and also preaching materials as everyone wants to understand for themselves about what the Bible really teaches. So many are coming to us confessing that the beliefs they were following were astray. This is shown in their interest in liking to start to study our 40 lesson course, especially as it is now available in their mother language (Shona). We would like to have the books “The Real Christ” and “The Real Devil” if possible. The ones that we have were loaned to interested students and friends. Our half year’s theme is “Jehovah who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth”.

Above: Part of Mushumbi Pools Sunday School ~ Wonder Mawodzeka in blue shirt, Lucia Mawodzeka holding baby Omege and Fanuel Mawodzeka (Junior)

At one of the public gatherings where Bro Fanuel Mawodzeka took advantage to spread the gospel and give handouts. From left – Seka Zirira, Fanuel Mawodzeka, Nomatter Munya- Mbari, kneeling Lucia Mawodzeka

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