view as web pdf You Must Not Make Excuses (Exodus 4:10)

When God asks you to do a special service, you must not make excuses. If God did not know that you were capable of doing the work, He would not have asked you to do it. The trouble is that most people underestimate their capabilities and are quick to say, “I cannot” instead of “With God’s help, I’ll try”. There is also the practice of attempting to give to someone else that which God wants you to do. This creates the danger that, because you constantly refuse to be obedient, He will eventually stop giving you special assignments and give them to those who will gladly obey Him.

To continually refuse to serve God in a manner that is acceptable to Him is to loosen your hold upon God, for it implies that you are more intent upon pleasing yourself than you are on pleasing Him. It is highly probable that when God gives you something to do for Him, it will look so difficult as to be impossible. Do not allow appearances to make you afraid and offer excuses for He has proved that when He calls a person to a special task, He also equips them to do it. In your moments of weakness, He will be your strength when you are assailed by uncertainty and doubt He will give you an awareness of His living presence. In moments of darkness, He will continue leading you, even though you cannot see the way.

Never again make an excuse to God but do the work He has given you with confidence and joy.

Bro David Banda Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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