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The teachings of the Bible on marriage are very clear. But men and women have failed to maintain divine standards. Difficulties have arisen because the social conditions which have arisen during recent times, and changes in the ways of life about us, make it desirable to give it some consideration.

God’s purpose was clearly that man and woman joined together in marriage should be joined for life. The provision of a companion was one of the reasons for Eve’s creation. The mind of God concerning marriage was endorsed by our Lord Jesus. There was one man and one woman, the woman being a help meet for the man. The Lord Jesus recognised this as the standard to which men and women should conform, because a married man and woman when married “are no more twain” but “one flesh”. Jesus himself said: “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”

Brothers and sisters of North Nyanza at the Fraternal Gathering at Ilisumu, upon receiving Swahili Bibles (from the C. A. T.) and hymn books from Bro Gordon Ochieng

Bro Gordon Ochieng (Manyuanda, Kenya)

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