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The work of Bible distribution in China continues, although the cost of posting so many Bibles is significant. Over 350 have been mailed out in the last two months. Brother Donald reports yet another baptism as follows:

“I baptized Bro Yang at the outdoor swimming pool, he told me his personal testimony. I excerpt parts: ‘I grew up in a rural village, elder village people support superstition.

When people got sick, they didn't see the doctor instead of burning paper (they draw strange words on the paper) and drink it together with water. In my village there is also a person called Immortal, people will ask him for help when they are in trouble. During that time a Christian came to my house and preached the gospel. I was there but my father and grandpa walked away. I was very interested and listened carefully. But I was too young and can't make any choice. To tell you the truth, I only thought it is a legend and didn't believe. This is my first time heard the gospel. When I went to school, I like reading very much, e.g. stories, Three Hundred Tang Poems, 5000 years of China, Encyclopedia and Bible story, I smelled fresh fragrance of these books and very interested in scrutiny the author’s idea and contents. But it is Bible, I can only understand say 10%, so I ask others for help but their views I can't accept, I also apply Bible from Carelinks website and advert in Chinese. It seemed your ideas are more acceptable e.g. there are no immortal souls when people dies, we become dust. As Bible says He created man from dust, and breathed into his nose to give him life. God can destroy the soul (Matt. 10:28), so souls are destroyable...’ So He decided to be baptized into the real Christ. The truth. God bless”.

Here you can see our new Bro Yang with his NEV Chinese Bible with commentary and Bible Basics at the back

Bro Donald also recently visited Bro Liu who lives in a village which is about 2.5 hours from Hefei city. Bro Liu told Bro Donald that each village in the area has a government controlled church, but it is never open to the public! Every Sunday a few believers have fellowship in a brother or sister’s home. Bro Liu’s two relatives also came and listened to Bible teaching from Bro Donald, then he suggested they go to the nearby village where they distributed two cartons of Bibles in the village and left one carton of Bibles for Bro Liu to distribute.

Bro Liu’s family with the Bibles for distribution

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