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Many people, including many referred to as Christians, do not recognize or accept that God’s promise to the Hebrews (Jews), of the Land of Canaan for an EVERLASTING possession is still credible. In their beginnings the Father told Israel that if they disobeyed His commands He would scatter them into all parts of the world (Deut 32:26) and this He did in AD 70.

But that was NOT to be the end of Israel for God promised He would gather them from all the nations to which they had been scattered (Deut 30:3) and bring them back to the Land He had given them and they would possess it (Deut 30:5).

The world has witnessed this great regathering of Israel from the four corners of the world and it is ongoing as 6000 return from the Ukraine and a similar number from France; God foresaw that there would be large numbers of His people who would be comfortable in the particular land of their ‘captivity’ and they would NOT want to move back to Israel. Thus He encouraged the Rabbis of the 1800’s to entreat the Jews to return to their land for trouble was ahead. Few heeded the call so He sent HUNTERS to hunt them back to Israel, prominent amongst whom was Adolph Hitler and now we are witnessing new hunters in the form of the Moslems of many lands, who daily assault Jews causing them to fear for their lives and forcing them to seek safety in their land of promise. Even Jews in USA and Britain are feeling the cold winds of the ‘hunters’ and are ready to move to Israel.

Bro Charles French (Australia)

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