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We have just  returned from an excellent weekend in Gaborone despite having to improvise with our conference venue at the last moment we were told they had double booked and so we had to squash into a biggish lounge at the guest house where we were staying and not have the use of the ‘official conference room’ but it was a really great weekend!

Our brothers Gary and young Lucky did us proud speaking about Demons and Suffering we had a good response of 22 in attendance and the more informal atmosphere of the lounge worked well. The good news is that another student approached us and said he wants to be baptised next time - this is so encouraging as Botswana seems to be so slow in getting people to commit. There is such a good spirit amongst the brothers there and our brothers - it is such a joy to be part of it all. Bro Lucky this morning gave the exhortation and he is really worth his weight in gold in that he was able to change from the exhortation on kindness that he had prepared to one on preaching  which was in tune with the readings. It was fitting and excellent. It was also great to see our new brother Galelatsang making a point of chatting to each of the new students on the Saturday and explaining that he was always available for discussion. We feel greatly encouraged and thank God.

Bro Paul and Sis Leonie Verster

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Pictured above is Bro Luc Kabore (standing) together with other brothers and sister holding the new NEV French New Testaments in Burkina Faso, which is situated close to Mali and Niger and is one of the world’s poorest countries.

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Bamenda Sunday School
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I was really so very happy to receive a box containing Gospel teachings which I consider to be a big blessing from brothers and sisters in Christ. The gospel books are really interesting to read and I have given them out to others to read. I will so like to join you on sending news from the Gambia.

Bro William A Kamara

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BUNGOMA | Bro Edward Kunikina

I thank you very much for the Gospel News you send me, which I get in good time, and I pray that God will bless those for the work they are doing in these last days. Many things are being done in our country which are not usual for people of good health and mind to do. The Word of God is good and I pray that we continue encouraging each other so that when our Lord Jesus comes we may have a chance of entering the Kingdom of God.

BUTALI | Bro Gibson Amesa Azere

I would like to inform you that I have moved from Kambi-Mwanja to Butali where we have established an ecclesia. We are 25 in number with about 18 Sunday School children. About seven of our members have no Bibles and I ask if you could send me some, if available, and especially NIV or New King James Version or any which are available.

I am interested in evangelism in this area and am requesting if you could consider providing me with a means of transport. I have saved some money and would like someone to help me by topping up what I have. It is better to have a new motorbike as cheap is expensive long term.

CHWELE | Bro Jacob and Sis Fedeliah Walioula

We are grateful for the letter you sent us, which was full of love, comfort and encouragement and we have also received the Holy Bibles, etc. We thank you for the sickle cell anaemia treatment notes that we requested. They are indeed helpful to our children, not forgetting the help you offered through Bro Philip Lawrence, the welfare brother in Kenya. I received good news from the Welfare and Secretary Brothers in Western Kenya that they will present health notebooks and the names of children with the problem of sickle cell. As an ecclesia and a family (Makhonge) we have been spiritually built up, therefore everything you are doing for us, just the same as Jesus did, signifies God’s love by washing the disciples’ feet and wiping them with a towel he was girded with. He is a servant for all and we as brothers and sisters have to do the same; although it is hard, Christ challenges us. We pray to God that through our Lord Jesus we may love one another as it is our Lord’s command.

Recently I took my son Bob to hospital and he was also found to have sickle cell positive, therefore in my family and at the moment three children have the same case. In Kenya at the moment some doctors are resigning, while others are going to private hospitals, striking or leaving Kenya because of low pay or delay in salary. All these things can happen and the only hope is in the Gospel. Our Master, Jesus, will soon come so let us preach the true Gospel to encourage brothers and sisters to grow spiritually to attain the coming Kingdom.

Bro Jacob and Sis Fedeliah Walioula and the family – Job in red, Wendy in the middle and Nelly – despite being victims of sickle cell anaemia this is a happy picture for Gospel News

KITALE | Bro Anthony Wafula

We are all watching and waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are hoping that you are all fine in the presence of our Almighty God. I would like to express our thanks to you and to tell you that the family are very happy to receive the Bibles and calendar, because the Bible tells us that we always have to be watchful by reading the Scriptures daily and prayer so that we will be saved in the coming Day of our Master.

In our ecclesia we have many challenges and difficulties such as many brothers, sisters and children living with HIV AIDS. Many people think that is a curse, so refuse to live with them or help them in any way. These brothers and sisters are suffering from lack of food, medicine and other necessities. I and Brethren Herman and Christopher spend time trying to assist them with food, medicine and to comfort them. Please let me know if you know of any brother or sister who will stand by us with this work and I will send photos and details of those affected and there are more in the Rift Valley area.

Please could you also help me with a copy of “Beyond Bible Basics” which is very good for teaching and will assist me to understand some more difficult matters.

Holding Bibles received – Lindah, Sisters Esther, Marrow, Shiron and Sunday School scholars ~ Melissa, Esther, Magdalene, Venezor, Naomi, Millie and Lineth

Sis Rhoda Wafula with her children, Mercy, Vivian and Bill enjoying looking at the Bibles and calendar

KITALE | Bro Martin W Chemiati

Much greeting in the hope we share. I am happy all the time when I read the magazines in our country and outside I always feel very joyful when brothers worldwide write about the signs concerning the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also when we have our weekly Bible Study in our ecclesia brothers and sisters always ask questions about the signs and the return of our Lord. The NEV has helped us very much in our Bible Study and enabled us to baptise nine good friends last year and we are hoping to baptise seven who we think will be ready this year.

The number of youths in our ecclesia is increasing rapidly because they understand English well, (NEV) and its commentaries. We are praying that our Lord God may bring Jesus Christ to this earth and establish God’s Kingdom to all mankind. It is a true understanding that these are the last days. All world governments and societies are corrupt, people are lovers of money and true Christianity is in danger. As we know, our Lord’s return is very near and because there is too much violence love has been totally lost in humans and the Governments are unable to solve the problems in their lower subjects.

Let Christadelphian believers keep separate from the world because Our Lord is coming and those siding with the world will suffer and will not be rewarded and rule with Christ. Christadelphians know very well of the judgement and punishments that will fall on the unfaithful who do not believe the things concerning the Kingdom of our Lord, which was first with our father Abraham. May our Lord guide us and bless us too.

MADIANY | Bro Gordon Ochieng

I have adopted an orphan baby boy with HIV who was abandoned by an unknown person a few metres from my house. In the early hours one morning I was awakened by a child’s cry and rushed out to find an infant wrapped in a towel. I reported it to the authorities and the Children’s Department, and the Police Department has requested me to care for the baby while they look for a Children’s Home to take him in.

Bro Gordon Ochieng with the baby boy

Brethren Gordon, Vincent and James conducting baptism interview

MANYUANDA | Bro Gordon Ochieng

Above: Brothers and Sisters at Manyuanda Ecclesia

Centre: Baptism of Sis A at Obenga beach in Lake Victoria

I send warmest greetings from myself, family and the entire ecclesia. Day by day life is becoming unbearable. The cost of living is exorbitantly high and the Third World and countries like ours barely survive from hand to mouth. My Bible reassures me to be calm for these rudimentary problems that cannot be solved by legislation are soon coming to an end.

I appreciate the work of CAT and those contributing towards its support, may God bless both hands abundantly. Thanks for your fatherly advice. Right now all local correspondence is addressed to me, mark and send such with concerned notes where appropriate. We cannot get everything from the U.K., but having the capacity we can devote our time and energy in season and out of season.

Recently I visited Siaga G.K. Prison and was granted permission for 2 hours to share with the inmates the glorious and wonderful hope we have. It was spiritually uplifting and even though they refused photos being taken I arranged another visit before I left. Seven interested friends were eager to learn the Biblical truth.

I have already volunteered at the Latvia Riga Bible Centre but due to resources I may not make it, but spiritually I am with them through their effort to spread the gospel. The same goes for missionary work in Syria and China. Pass my warm greetings to Carelinks Missionaries in Latvia and please include my e-mail in your weekly highlights and updates. My camera has developed problems but I am praying that God will provide a replacement as it has been my source of livelihood and support in local missionary endeavours.

I had a tutor, father figure and friend in the Lord in Torquay Ecclesia – Bro Ellis Price and Sister Marjorie Price. In Gospel News I saw an article from another brother at Torquay, Bro Ralph Green. Can you send him my email address so that I can follow up the whereabouts of Bro and Sis Price? Bro Price was my correspondence tutor for over 15 years and I am also grateful to Bro Bill and Sis Carol Rawson, being close to them in their missionary work in Kenya in the early 1990’s as interpreter made me learn and grow spiritually.

Thank you for the books so far received and please bear me in mind for any future publications worthy of serious reading. I am now about to have my daytime meal of Ugali (flour and water) and Omena (small fish), prepared by my beloved sister/wife, Mary.

NDHIWA | Bro Allan

We have different gifts in our churches (Eph.4:11-12) and you and I may feel more regarded than others, but it comes to remembering our sins – the body and blood of our Lord Jesus. The apostle Paul reminds us to always humble ourselves and feel the least and most unworthy of us all because we have all sinned. 1 Cor.15:9 – “For I am the least of the apostles, unworthy to be called an apostle because I persecuted the church.” – SIN.

Brothers and sisters, the gifts given to us by God are meant to help us to attain the unity of the faith that we attained at our baptism (Eph.4:13) with an ultimate aim to help the church grow itself in love. (Eph.4:16).

You and I need to be humbled before one another today. It only means that we shall for ever in the Kingdom be humbled before our Master!!

Taken at Youth Conference with two brothers seated from Kakuma Refugee Camp Ecclesia. Bro Allan is standing.

NAKURU | Bro Wanga Samuel

There was a time when my tutor, Sis Yvonne Salisbury of Stroud, U.K. sent for me three pairs of socks made in the U.K. Imagine, it took 5 years to wear out the last pair! The ones available here are from China and cheap but don’t last. Please send me a few pairs if possible. I will let you know when my visa is ready from the Australian Embassy, Nairobi. I still need a few copies of the Bible in Leo, Luhya, French and Kiswahili. You know, most of our members in rural parts of Kenya are elderly and they understand their mother tongues best.

On 29th July I took a 12 hrs drive from Nakuru to Mombasa on gospel mission, I spent a week with Bros and Sis in the coastal region of Kenya, then on 3rd August broke bread with the Likoni ecclesia. We had a very good time and we felt the presence of the Almighty within us. The area has more than 100 ecclesia’s, they lack Bibles and other gospel books, I promised to send more as I ran out of Bibles and tracts.

Bro Wanga’s daughter with her last born baby Jeremy

NATIRI | Bro Masongo Harron

I am grateful to be able to write to you again and our postal address is now P.O.Box 42-50211 Natiri, and this is also for the use for the ecclesia.

I have been ill with a kidney disorder which has brought down my strength. I could not work, least of all properly. I have been using over the counter medicines but seeing no improvement. I have been bedridden for four months and trying to survive as the days passed has been through prayer. I could have gone to hospital but the amount of money they recommended for treatment was more than the family could raise.

I am grateful that now I can do something although my energy is not back yet. It is in the Lord’s mercy that I am alive today and I try to give myself hope of tomorrow. I see the way Job was tempted in my life too but God is great. These have been some of the challenges that have been facing me recently.

Migwena Ecclesia, Kenya

SUNA MIGORI | Bro Joseph Onyango

It is true that God is searching for men and women to come to the Truth. The search reaches its climax when they meet at the waters of baptism. The Christian’s journey to the Kingdom starts at baptism. From Bible history the walk has never been without obstacles even for the patriarchs, prophets and apostles who preceded us. Remember Joseph, Moses and Paul just to name a few. Their lives were clouded with obstacles which they overcame simply because the God of Israel was their stronghold. Let me ask a question – where are our strongholds today? Is it in our wallets, jobs, family members, ecclesias, political parties? Where do we get our refuge when the winds blow? John 17:3 “And this is everlasting life, that they should know you, the only true God and Him whom you sent, Jesus Christ.”

In my house we usually take turns in prayers every night. Sometimes it is my wife, Sis Lucy, sometimes the children, Kevin, Jaqueline, Marvin respectively. And, of course, myself, the father, I take the lead most times.

There is a point here I want to bring home. Yesterday I asked my daughter to pray and after the prayer she began to recite the GRACE, which is not bad, but it compelled me to tell her that we are different from other churches because their children go to schools managed by missionaries from other denominations and if we don’t tell them the truth we might end up without future sisters and brothers in our ecclesias. In fact, these churches believe that their god only provides the good and the bad comes from another cosmic being they call Satan. I have used the small letter “g” because I know that “Yahweh” has no other rival as is categorically stated in Isaiah 45:1-5 and 1 Sam.2:8-9. Christadelphians are unique and we ought to let these little fellows toe the line. We are unique. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now

and for evermore.

TONGAREN | Bro Isaac Kapa

One of the highlights of my work as a college director in my Tailoring School is commencement. While my candidates worked for the government Trade Test I was excited by the thought that our graduates were ready to go out and implement their skills to the people nearby, as some do attain the knowledge of the Bible about things concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus, Our Saviour. On the way to the Examination Centre I noticed some industrious ants busily going about their routine and I thought, “There are much greater things happening than the building of sand piles.”

Bro Isaac Kapa, the Ecclesial elder with those attending the Bible School held in April 2014

Tongaren Tailoring School graduates who are now working in their enterprises to earn their living

It is easy for us to get lost in ant world – to be so busy with our routines that we miss the joy of personally embracing the bigger picture of God’s great work around the world. The work of CHRISTADELPHIANS is to preach the Good News concerning the Kingdom of God on earth throughout the world. Paul reports that “Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world.” 2 Timothy 4:10. I wonder if Demas regretted abandoning the Gospel for the ‘piles’ of this world? Let’s get out of ‘ant world’ and engage our hearts and lives in spreading the gospel of the coming Kingdom. Don’t let smaller things distract you from the bigger work of God around the world. God bless you.

YATTA | Bro Lazarus Kingoo

The Gospel News magazine has been very helpful not only to me but also to other brothers and sisters in Yatta Ecclesia, to which if possible you can be sending some extra copies to meet the big demand in the ecclesia. I also very much appreciate the Bibles and copies of Bible Basics you have been sending to me to supply to others. This has been a very big boost to all who had a copy of these. I want to tell you that now there is a big demand for Bible Basics and Bibles not only in our ecclesia but in the area around. God is great, for the outcome of this supply was in February this year when we were blessed with 13 new converts via the true baptism. At the moment we are preparing almost the same number – most of them being youth, for baptism. Remember this is only in Yatta ecclesia, but in ecclesias in other areas we also have new converts. So this confirms that what you are doing has an impact.

I have opportunities to visit many ecclesias on different ecclesial occasions and am praying for a digital camera to capture all activities that I can share with other Gospel News readers.

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NKANDA | Bro Lyton John

The supremacy of Christ and his fundamental importance to God is difficult to comprehend fully. It is therefore true to say that Christ existed in God’s purpose from the beginning, although he only came into actual existence physically through his birth of Mary. He was not an angel (Hebrews 1:4-7), and in his mortal life he was less than an angel (Hebrews 2:7). After his resurrection, he was exalted to far greater honour than angels. 1 Peter 1:20 sums up the position: “Christ was foreordained before the foundation of the world but was manifest in these last times for you”.

Sis Aida Kalungama

Nkanda Sunday School

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The Mauritius ecclesia witnessing the baptism of Bro Kevin Arekion

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EKONI | Bro Igani U Eteng

I thank you very much for the book you sent me and the answer you gave to my questions. The book “Teach me Thy Way” is very good. Please, if possible, let me have some more preaching books. I am now alone in my town and I have tried to form a group but it is very difficult.

ENUGU | Bro Goddy Nwosu

Brethren and Sisters baptised in November

In the Hope of Israel we all share, how are you? This is the picture I promised to send of people who were baptized (as above). From 16th-30th November five were baptised – Bro Chinoso Ugwunta, Bro Udo Chukwudi, Sis Patience Ezeala, Sis Nineka Uzoigwe, Sis Chisomu Nniasi. We pray for God’s mercy to guide them toward His Kingdom and pray for those who never take the decision to change their mind because time is very short.

For your information, we are in trouble this time. Our Government has given an order that no church should worship at a Government School. We have been 24 years in that school and are in confusion as to getting another place; it is not easy for us as rents have become very costly. Since the announcement I have not been able to rest in mind or sleep. If we get another place I will let you know but we need everyone to pray for us at this time of trial. Prayer helps a lot. Thanks to you all in Jesus’ Name. By grace.

MBAISE | Bro Blessing Nwigiwe

There is too much trouble going on around the world like terrorism, earthquakes, rumours of war and crisis, spreading of diseases like past years AIDS now we have heard of another one, “Ebola”. These diseases seem to be incurable.

We are living in the last days, waiting for our Lord’s return. We in Mbaise ecclesia remember you in our prayers and I myself as well. Two weeks ago I was wounded in my leg so that I cannot walk or move out without a stick so try to remember me please. You know I have no help except UK brethren.

OHAFIA | Bro Uka Egwu

We are reaching the end of time; many events are happening in the world today which speak of the coming of our Lord, and the glories of His reign. Even as I write now the next hours are unknown. But Daniel long ago in advance warned all his followers of a time like this – a time of trouble (Daniel ch.12) when the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of God.

The world is under fear but can only be saved with Jesus coming back to the earth. Human government has fallen, all the world is hit by terrorism, war and hardship. Please brothers and sisters, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed (Romans 13:11-14). The world is sinking so fast into its end, we rejoice although the grief and sorrow which fills it makes us long for Him who will rid the earth of every curse shortly. How we long for Him. (I was hospitalised from last month but I am alright today). I thank God so much because the problem was acute and much thanks to C.B.M. Nigeria (Aba) for all their care to me and my family.

Bro Uka showing Bible Basics to a friend during the time of house-to-house preaching at Ohafia

UMUAHIA | Bro Chika Onyer

What does our love in God look like?

Many times some claim that they have the love of God, even to their fellow brethren. Yes, indeed, Judas claimed more than that, he even wanted to share the same dish with Jesus, (Matthew 26:23).

In the story of Orpah and Ruth, their mother-in-law Naomi explained her situation and Orpah failed to wish to go with her but Ruth was strong in her support and said “Never ask me to leave you, because where you die, I will die and there will I be buried” (Ruth 1:16-17). I remember what happened to Christ and his disciples. John 6:66-67. In my view I can say that Ruth saw the situation of her mother-in-law’s loneliness and old age and that she wanted to be able to provide for her daily food and comfort.

In all situations let us hold firm to our faith and never be like a boxer who wasted his punches and later be disqualified.

Bro Chika Onyer

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The outreach work continues with our members seemingly to be continuously blessed. With the final Crèche course for the year over, we are encouraged that many of the Crèche course attendees have also signed up and are completing the ‘God’s Master Plan’ Bible course and attend the lunchtime Bible class at the Aphiwe Good News Centre. The course has become so popular that the Sister team have started another running in Eden Park. Waiting lists are filling up quickly!


Another of Adam’s race took to the waters of baptism on October 7. This time it was Shawn Ntekele, a friend of our Bro Lucky, but also a friend of us all in that he has been attending the meeting for more than a year and already felt part of the family. He was delighted to be born again and sat in the pool afterwards savouring the moment while we sang the whole of ‘To God be the Glory’. Life for young adults in particular, has many temptations and challenges so we pray Bro Shawn keeps strong in faith on the narrow road to the Kingdom. Bro Barry Van Heerden’s Bible Class turned into a baptismal talk and then a Bible Class.

Our interactive seminars continue every Saturday, students really enjoying being involved. Three students who have been with us for most of last year have requested to be baptised, so they are preparing, God willing, to take that vital step next month. Also Bro and Sis Jimmy and Synthia Matekane’s daughter and Okkie, Sis Thato Tshikumbana’s husband, are preparing for baptism. We rejoice at the prospect of these additions to our Soweto family like an expectant mother!

Long distance outreach preaching and pastoral trips this month, have continued. Bre Daniel Makhado and Austen Mataka to Limpopo, Bro Lucky Sekhasembe spread his wings and joined Bro Gary Smith (Yeoville) to go to Maputo, Bro Paul and Sis Leonie with Bro Emmanuel Mphambo went to Gaborone. It was a pleasure to see the new brothers in Gaborone so active and enthusiastic. Bro Emmanuel did the seminar on, “Do we need prophets today?” Five pastors from Palapye (280kms away) made the effort to attend and check out this insolent challenge. Some common ground was finally found but needless to say it was a hotly debated topic and we applaud Bro Emmanuel for keeping his cool throughout! We were able to disagree without being disagreeable! They were willing to take our literature and Introduction to Bible Basics, seemingly keen to, at least, study. The attendance was very good with 25 in all.


We had a wonderful fraternal gathering led by Bro Barry Van Heerden who was accompanied by Sis Wendith; and we enjoyed the fellowship with other Ecclesias. The long awaited Sis Yvonne Dube (Walton, UK) has arrived; she has started teaching and demonstrating the Cooking course at Yeoville Ecclesia. We also had her at our Wednesday class and contributed with words of encouragement.

We thank God for his blessings on our preaching activities: we have been granted a stand in the Alexander Shopping mall to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, a lot of people are responding to our correspondence course. If God be willing, we are hoping to run series of Seminars in Alexander.

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MBEYA | Bro Ewaldi Mushi

I have received your great Mail Bag in which you enclosed books and very wonderful Bibles with commentary. We are so pleased and proud to have them. We use them in our evening Bible Class (in which I am the teacher), in our Church and in our Annual Camp meeting which has just ended and in which I was the main speaker. I found all attention to the topics: I could speak on all those subjects by standing on your shoulders, which has enabled me to know the real God. In Tanzania we are told that just immediately after death one goes to heaven (if he or she was a good Christian) or to hell (if bad) or to purgatory (if between). This lie has been preached for centuries and we are now uprooting it and people see the Truth in the Bibles you have sent to us.

“Is there life after death?”
“What is the correct baptism?”
“Is Jesus really God?”
“Why does God allow suffering?”

You asked me if we would like Swahili New Testament, with the comments. The answer is a big YES!

MUSOMA | Sis Monica Achieng

I have been very busy at work and home and been stressing a lot as Kevin, my son, was to go back to college. He is now on his way to college, which is his third year.

I thank God for his tender care to both of my sons and me, plus the ecclesia at large. The meeting is doing great and we are all thankful. Yesterday a very bad tragedy occurred and many people died - about 75 both young and old. There are more funerals here in town but we are glad that all our sisters and brothers relatives were not affected. This means that God is in control of his people.


We thank all brothers and sisters from all the world – through your praying we advance in reading the Word of God.

Also we send many thanks for sending us the Gospel News which encourages me and our ecclesia to know and to understand the Word of God. May God bless you and your way to reach the Kingdom of God to come on earth soon.

We should struggle to remain in Jesus Christ. The Bible says in Acts 15:20, “But that we write to them that they abstain from pollutions of idols, from sexual immorality, from things strangled and from blood.” So the Apostle Paul shows us the good way that we can follow in order to get life for ever when Jesus comes back to the earth.

And then Romans 16:25-26 says, “Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery which was kept secret since the world began.”

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CHINSALI | Bro Edward Choko

Let us work for the Kingdom of God, not for the things of the world. Let us fight for eternal life in the Kingdom of God by living and preaching the good news to all people – Luke 4:43, “Blessed are you when men hate you because of the Son of Man, Christ Jesus” – Luke 6:20-23. Be spiritually rich in the eyes of God. Jesus said that God has given to you the secrets of the Kingdom of God – Luke 8:10.

We will be in the Kingdom if we are doing good things for God – Read Luke 12:31-32. “I tell you the truth, whoever has left home or wife or brother or parents or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God will receive it.” Luke 18:29-30. Let everybody follow Jesus Christ as did the disciples, Simon Peter, James and John.

KABOMPO | Bro Reuben Kaambeu

I am informing you that I have retired from secular employment. For my retirement I have re-settled at my Lelavana Farm situated at Malolwa, about 45 kilometres north-west of Kabompo.

I have a Bible student who has keen interest in studying the things concerning God, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. I have some Bible students who would like to have copies of the New European version of the Bible. Due to the high cost of postage I do not know if you are able to send me ten Bibles for I have opened a new preaching point at the Lelavana Farm this year and the attendance on Sundays in the evenings is very encouraging and the people want to be using the New European Version of the Holy Bible instead of other versions during the Bible study but the copies I have are not enough to cater for all those who read and understand the English language, especially those in the Ministry of Agriculture and the teachers in the community. You may also know that I have chosen to lead a quiet life on the farm away from town life in Kabompo town so that I can concentrate on preaching the Word of God (the Gospel of the Kingdom of God) to the poor in the rural villages of the neighbourhood of my farm.

KAPIRI MPOSHI | Bro Chisosa Ostine

I was thrilled to receive the “Teach Me Thy Way” booklet, which I have great interest in and if possible would like some more copies to help in the preaching work.

KASAMA | Bro Joshua Mushili

The NEV Bible project is a success in that many brothers and sisters have benefited in understanding the Holy oracles better than before during their Bible Study, you can tell the way that brethren explain various scriptures so perfectly. Most of our students are still on the 40 lesson correspondence course. I am confident we are on the right path brother. We started preaching in the northern Provinces of Zambia recently and we have over 20 very interested friends. You can be impressed to see how the Truth is spreading in this area and if available we need 15 copies of the N.E.V.

NDOLA | Bro James Mwanza

It has been a long time since I wrote an article as I have been going through thick and thin - but knowing very well that nothing can separate me from the love of GOD. We were called to work, by accepting Jesus as Lord we signed up to being His servants. Each servant has been given a task to do, to every man his work, Mark 13:34. Read also Romans 8:35. God is able to do or manage our life or affairs. He knows us. Eph.3:20. We must also deny ourselves and follow Jesus Christ and take up our cross as soldiers of the cross daily, all the time, forsake everything. We have to follow Him. We must be willing to suffer for Jesus Christ. We should examine ourselves in whatever we do as this will help us not to fall away or to cause others to fall away. Read 1 Corinthians 11:23,26,27,29. Here in Ndola ecclesia we have lost our Bro Victor Chizuma, who has fallen asleep in Christ.

Bro James Mwanza, Ndola, front, Bro Victor Chizuma, Ndola, standing behind with two sisters from Kafue ecclesia

NEWS FROM ZIMBABWEview as web pdf  

BANKET | Bro David Yelulani

Love, joy and peace to you in Jesus and to all your family. May this year bring Jesus back to bring peace and plenty to this troubled world and to fill it with God’s glory. May we in God’s grace all be part of that.

Pray God will continue to keep us strong in faith to be a lightstand to those around us until Jesus returns. How we pray the things we see in the world are indeed the pangs for the Kingdom, and that God will soon send Jesus to right all the terrible wrongs of His beautiful world.

We have much pleasure to inform you that we immensely enjoyed our Bible weekend which was held on 8-10 August 2014 at Kawadzana Primary School, Banket. Brethren and Sisters from various ecclesias participated in the Bible weekend. We were delighted to witness the baptism on 9 August of Erick Gambe a Bible student of Bro David Banda Yelulani. He was given the right hand of fellowship and we shared in the breaking of bread. We pray that this will be the start of a walk that leads to eternal life for one more of God’s children.


Above: Group photo Below: Boys’ session with elders

CHIREDZI | Bro Mugova Tavaremba

I received your letter enclosing 12 Bibles, New European Version, and I dispatched them to the following people – Leonard Mudemba, Jemeon Mupinga, Mapope Madzvamuse, Petros Matopa, Nyitayanhu School for Scripture Union, 4 Bibles Aaron Chiwawa, Justice Matwinge, Tombirai Magwaza and Learnmore Mugova.

You can write to any of these people to confirm. Because of these Bibles we started Bible studies at school twice a week. I do hope you will continue sending me any of the Scriptures to mobilise this group. One more important request is from the above mentioned school, they are in need of more Bibles for the students.

TONGOGARA | Bro Nondo Mutambala

I am very happy with C.B.M. U.K. and C.B.M. Zimbabwe and all Tongogara Ecclesia members for being united together for building the Tongogara Ecclesial Hall. From this union result for the Tongogara Ecclesia building that had been needed for a long time

although the ecclesia has been known here

and in the camp and other places.

I support and am thankful to all Christadelphian brothers and sisters who put their money, strength and many sacrifices for the building of the hall. Dear brothers and sisters, don’t give up on all our problems and needs, let us give them to our God. He will always help us and provide. All the builders joined our knowledge together to finish the building.

Building the ecclesial hall

Bro Nondo Mutambala

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