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We have mentioned in previous reports the amazing witnessing work achieved by brother Ivar in the isolated care home he lived in in rural Latvia. Many were baptized there as a result of his witness - a man who can barely talk, whose speech is hard to understand, who is not online and yet who uses hard copies of our publications to preach to all and sundry. Our brother has been moved from that care home to another one.

It was a joy to visit him there and baptize his room mate ROBERTS. His clothes are provided by the institution and have holes in them, and yet our brother's deep, almost trembling respect for God's word is the main thing in his life.

We plan on giving them a laptop computer - there's no internet, but in response to the previous appeal, some old computers have been loaded with video, MP3 and text files of our various materials in Russian. This could really open a new life for them. We've heard from brother Shurik in far Eastern Latvia that he has received the laptop sent and is busy trying to figure how to use it. He too is in a care facility.

Brother Ivar, left, with his room mate and new brother, Roberts

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