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As is usual with human memory, we read and forget. Re-reading articles we read previously makes the ideas we imbibed some time ago fresh in our minds. It would be a worthwhile habit if we from time to time fall back on old copies of ‘The Gospel News’. We can sample again the great exhortations that those copies convey. As Christadelphians we choose to read the Bible daily to keep in touch spiritually with our Maker and Saviour. Most of the chapters we read, on reflection, have relevance to our current and past life experiences. As we read and re-read them, spiritual consolations emerge in our minds and we are better for it.

The editorial of July-September 2009 has much to give us in respect of sins we commit or of omission, that is failing to act when we should act. April-June 2006 has spiritual growth as its caption. As one goes through it, ‘self’ was decried but selflessness is upheld, and this should be the badge of brethren and sisters in Christ. Jesus Christ displayed the greatest selfless trait – to die for the sake of the world (sinners). Reading through this would remind and ignite our minds to what we should aspire to in lending helping hands to the brotherhood and to others when the need arises.

Sister Ludmilla’s great effort of reaching the areas of Kazakhstan to take the word – light to the people, and to teach about Christ Jesus who is light and everlasting life for brothers and sisters to emulate. Do we get any encouragement from her work and that of others? I do. Please read through the May - June 2002, issue page 10.

The Gospel News magazine, in addition to spiritual uplift, serves as my TV since its pictures bring home to me the great things that Carelinks does in the spreading of the gospel. It is my world geography and atlas. I learn of places that I have never heard of before, even in my life in Africa. I see houses and other projects set up to sustain life. Horrors which brethren in Christ undergo are not left out. They expose the heartlessness of the rulers of this wicked world. Sister Aleksandra, July-September 2006, page 41, and the chilling story of the brutal murder of Bro Glen Isaac, page 72 of July-August 2000, and March-April 2002.

The efforts of Carelinks has been unquantifiable, only the Almighty God can recompense adequately. May the living God strengthen those who produce Gospel News. Brethren and Sisters worldwide who are privileged to receive the magazines should pray earnestly on behalf of these who, I know, undergo great difficulties physically and mentally in the performance of their duties. May the peace of God that passes understanding be with you.

Bro Ileanaccho Ilejinka (Owerrinta, Nigeria)

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