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The re-roofing project has now been completed thanks to your support. About the only break our four workers had during the week was for the baptism of VLADISLAVin the hall. We'd like to pay special tribute to brother Mark Leadbetter of the Maidenhead ecclesia who has literally been doing a herculean task as the master builder amongst us. Due to rainy weather, he and his team worked all hours on the job whenever it was You can receive these weekly reports each week by email ~ here are the highlights from the last few months. Email us at to be added to the list.

dry, struggling with the gas bottles which feed the blow torch getting so cold that the gas turned to liquid.

Pictured top right: Mark giving words of encouragement to Vladislav [left hand side, left] just before his baptism in the well used baptismal bath; also present at the baptism was our blind sister Larisa, pictured right, who gave very moving encouragement to our new brother.

And finally, pictured below, dear Mark just exhausted!

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