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Brother William Casivant has recently fallen asleep in Christ. Ten years ago, whilst in a Tennessee prison he found Bible Basics which totally changed his life. Before that he became associated with the Sunni Muslims, studied the Quran and became an Imam, an Islamic leader. He became uneasy about Jesus and read Bible Basics which convinced him of the Truth and he quit being an Imam. Sister Marilyn Seagoe became his tutor and after much study he was baptised By Bro Wes Booker. He was released from prison in 2006 with the serious rare bullous lung disease. He loved talking about God and has now fallen asleep in Christ now awaiting Jesus return.

Brother William is one of several that have found Bible Basics whilst in prison which convinced them of the Truth and led to their baptism - and changed to a Godly life. Placing Bible Basics in prisons has been a small effort, but baptisms have taken place in America, Britain, Japan, Malawi, Nigeria, and Russia and if you would like to help by sending Bible Basics to prisons we would be happy to let you have copies to do so. However, we have the feeling that our new NEV Bibles may be more appropriate as most prisons have a library for their inmates and the NEV’s mini commentary together with a mini Bible Basics, nicely bound together in one volume could be more appropriate. So far these Bibles have only been sent to all prisons in Australia and New Zealand; at present the French edition is being sent to prisons in France. Volunteers or sponsors are needed to extend this work throughout the world. (The cost of the Bibles and postage works out at £8-£10 each, depending on the country).

The following are a few extracts from letters from the prison authorities who have accepted the Bibles.

Australia “One of my prisoners is a Chistadelphian ... There are occasions when prisoners engage in systematic Bible study, who would value a Bible such as this which includes a simple commentary. Would it be possible to send me a further five NEV Bibles that could be given to prisoners to assist them in their biblical study. I hope that this will be possible”.

Another letter “Thank you for the gift of the NEV Bible. It has been placed in our chapel for inmates to access”.

New Zealand “I was pleased to receive a copy of the NEV for the prison library. I would value a copy for myself as well as several copies for the prison”.

So, do Jesus’ words, “I was in prison, and ye came unto me” give an incentive to help in this project.

Bro Marcus Heaster

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