The Parable Of The Chairs

When we opened the Riga Bible Center, we stood in the shop thinking: We have 15- 20 people coming... so let's get 20 chairs. But no, let's show some faith here... let's get 30 chairs in the hope of increased attendance. Well, a year later, we have 50 people regularly coming and peak attendances of around 70, and the numbers trend upwards all the time. According to our vision... so it can be unto us, and far above that too.

We also have a computer at the Center now. Brother Vlad has his huge files of notes on the Bible, which he's stored for over 35 years. We recently asked him to write up an article about "Logos" in John 1 for our Russian language magazine "Zvezda". We opened up for him and returned 8 hours later, he was still at it, he had brought with him his files of various Biblical thoughts over those 35 years, and sorted out his various thoughts about John 1:1-14. And started typing them up. We put the zoom on the screen at 300 %, which is huge. He types painfully slowly because of his eyesight and his thoughts were written out in earlier years before his eyesight failed. It was great to see him working away there...We are so glad God allowed us to minister to him and provide the true spiritual family which he's longed for after his journey through so many groups. Here he is with his various notes all around him:

Here’s brother Vlad reading his Bible [with great difficulty due to his failing site] outside the Riga Bible Center, waiting for it to open:

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