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Bro George Constantine

I believe I told you about a case where some guys here were given sentences of 75 years and natural life. Our Court of Appeal ruled that the Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon should deal with the matter, not the Court, because those sentences were given to them by that Committee, which is called the Mercy Committee.

The inmates have appealed against the judge’s decision because they believe that the Court should decide what should be done with them, as the Mercy Committee rarely shows mercy since very few persons are pardoned by them.

The Privy Council in London, our country’s highest court, will now have to decide their fate. I hope that all lifers can benefit. What we really want is a fixed time to serve, so that we all could know when the prison term will end.

As always, I will keep trusting in God and keep working at trying to be better in His sight.

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